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Hi! My name is Faris and I have a dog named Bueller. He was born in 2012 and he is a Papillon (or Phalene if you wanna get technical about it). I currently live in Iowa, but have lived in Toronto, Ontario and Los Angeles California doing fun Youtube related projects. I am a dog trainer on Youtube and have lots of videos to help you train your puppy so please go check them out if you are an animal lover!

As a child I had a lot of anxieties and fears which lead me to be fairly antisocial. The internet and video games were my escape. I grew up on the internet playing Neopets, Runescape, and World of Warcraft. I still suffer from anxiety every day, but it is fairly controlled. I have posted a few videos about how to deal with anxiety on my Youtube channel.

I started making Youtube videos in 2009 about my pets on my first youtube channel I figured, I knew a couple things that could help others so I wanted to share them. Ironically when I started making videos IOWAtastic (The only ever Iowa Youtube gathering) happened and I met a ton of friends who also made Youtube videos.

In 2010 I attend Vidcon with some of my Youtube friends and made more.
I graduated in 2011 with an Associates degree in Veterinary Science and worked at a small animals and exotics veterinary clinic. While working at the clinic I made a video about a cat I deemed 'The Faceless Kitten'. This video reached 100,000 views overnight and was featured on the front page of Reddit and ICanHasCheezburger.com. 

In 2012 my friend Corey Vidal asked me to join his team on the ApprenticeEh channel in Canada. I stayed there for a few months, but eventually was asked by another person to move to Los Angeles in California. I originally was signed up to do a web series on my new channel FarisJaclyn, but later the channel became just mine. My first videos are shot beautifully because it was professionally done! 

While in Los Angeles I also worked with ThePetCollective and SuperAwesomeDogs.
In 2013 I decided to move back to Iowa to finish getting my Bachelor's degree and am currently attending university. I am expected to graduate in 2016. I plan to continue on with school and start work on my Masters right after graduation in 2016.

I was on a dating show on MTV once. That was a thing and it was super fun.
Faris Jaclyn dog trainer pet expert

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