Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Star Stable Online Codes List

All these codes should still be active. Please visit, log into your SSO account, and click 'Redeem A Code'. Please keep up to date on Faris's live stream and videos for codes!

FREE Star Coins Codes
All have expired

DOLLYSTYLE - 4 t-shirts
10MILLION - shirt
UF648U7ATJ - Headband

Horse Accessories
RAINBOWPLUSH - 1 Unicorn plushie pet (Not walking).
SUPERHEROSET - 1 head ribbon, 1 tail ribbon, and 1 saddle bag.

-Last updated 5/17/2018-

Thanks and have fun!


Club Leads Wanted in Queen Dandelions!

Attention Star Riders! Queen Dandelions is looking for a couple more club leads to help run their club!

We are looking for a few club leads who,

  • Are at least 16 years old.
  • Very active on Star Stable Online
  • Interested in hosting club events.
Club leaders in Queen Dandelions are in charge of moderating the chat, keeping the club chat active, interacting with members, being kind to others, and most importantly - encouraged to host club events!!!

If this sounds like something you're interested please let Fabiana Pinksea know! Ideally someone who is sponsor would be most ideal to be a club lead because you have access to communicating through Discord with FarisJaclyn, but it's not a requirement!

More about club leader events,
Ideally a club leader will be able to host a weekly event. The event topic and style is up to the club leader.The club lead does not have to do the weekly event every week but the hope is that it can happen as often as possible! Do not feel obligated that you must do it weekly. If we have 3 club leaders and each one does an event each day that is 3 weekly events + Faris's live streams! That's A LOT of activities!!! 

Thanks for reading! Have a great day!


Monday, May 29, 2017

Star Stable club in Pumpkin Meadow - QUEEN DANDELIONS!

The Official Club Queen Dandelions (US) Webpage

Official 2018 Queen Dandelions Outfit
Horse Gear (2018)
Dapple Grey Lusitano - Star Stable Horses App
Iberian-Style Saddle - mall
Brown Governor Bridle - Governor's Fall
Iberian-Style Blanket - mall
Jarlaheim tail flower - location tutorial below
Jarlaheim (head) flower - location tutorial below'
Fortuna Leg Warps - Limited Time Fortuna Event Item

Human Gear (2018)
Black Heart Glasses - ?
I Love It Beanie - Aideen's Plaza
Green Fall Dress - mall
Black jeans - The Castle Star Store : Silverglade Village
Black Spring Gloves - mall
Stylish Competition Boots - Governor's Fall

Club Horse 
Dapple Grey Lusitano
Exclusive to the Star Stable Horse app. Check out Faris's video about how to get the Dapple Grey Lustitano by click here.

How to Get the Queen Dandelion Flower

Club Flower
Jarlahiem Flower Tutorial
The Jarlaheim Flower is located in the town of Jarlaheim on the third floor. Remember the nasty mean money lady that works for the construction guys? Sort of by her location. There is a decoration salesman to the right of her on the second floor.

Club Colors
Yellow, green, white, and brown. The colors of dandelions!

Star Stable Live Streams

Star Stable Codes

Click here for the list

Official 2017 Queen Dandelion/Cute Dandelion Outfits

Horse Gear (2017)
White Friesian - Epona
Brown Princess Saddle - mall
Brown Competition Bridle - mall
Pro Yellow Blanket - mall
Jarlaheim tail flower - location tutorial below
Jarlaheim (head) flower - location tutorial below

Human Gear (2017)
Brown Cowboy Hat - mall
Team Star Stable riding vest - mall
Black jeans - The Castle Star Store : Silverglade Village
Best Friends Glove set II - ?
Lucky's Boots - Spirit shop in Fort Pinta
© Faris Jaclyn I Littlest Pet Shop Photography

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