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I had the pleasure of receiving a PetGiftBox today to review for the month of March. I was given a super great 25% off coupon code - FarisJaclyn to give to all of you! You may find the video I posted on Youtube but here I have a more detailed post on what our box was like and what Bueller enjoyed the most.

The most unique piece in the box was the Fou-Stick Soothe FFD Pet balm. I investigated FouFou's youtube channel to find they had a tutorial on how to do this product. My parent's dog Rexi is a Shar Pei and has very dry nose. This product is great because it applies easily and seems to help bring moisture back to her sensitive snout. Additionally the product is great for helping dry skin and pads.
The products are all natural which I am a huge fan of. Two of the main ingredients is Beeswax and coconut oil. 

To watch our live PetGiftBox unboxing check out our Youtube channel. This was Bueller and I's first true reaction to our PetGiftBox and as you can see we were pretty happy with it!

I caught Bueller being extra cute on camera and though I'd share those moments with you.

For your information that black circle is my camera's lens cap, hehe.
Our favorite product from this box would have to be...
  • Zuke's Power Bones
    • Right when you open the bag the smell hits you! It's really strong! They work great as a dog training reward and I like that they are packed with nutritious superfood carbs, protein, and healthy antioxidants. I would consider them high value for Bueller and will be using them when we clicker train. The ingredients are healthy and I like that the product was made in the USA.

That is all from us this fine day! Next week's video is an update video with some exciting news so you will want to check back for that! Hope you have a wonderful day.


Thursday, March 12, 2015

Winter Boot Thrifting Finds From GoodWill

Winter Boot Thrifting Finds From GoodWill

As Winter is slowly leaving the midwest I decided to venture to my local GoodWill in search of two things, a pair of rubber boots I could wear year round in the rain/mud and a pair of winter boots I could wear in the snow/mud. My goal for the winter boots was to find something practical for heavy snow. I needed the material to be high quality and waterproof. I wanted something similar to a Sorel Premium Winter Boot or the Bean Boot style. My goal for the rubber boots was to find something I could go outside for walks in with my dog Bueller regardless if it was rain, mud, or snow. They would need to slip on and off easily, but not fall off my feet while I was walking. I didn't want anything but black for the entire boot color. I decided to stop by a local Goodwill in a wealthier part of town to see if that would help me find higher quality winter boots. I went in with the intension to only buy if the shoes fit and it was exactly what I was looking for. With all these things in mind here is what I stumbled upon...

Two pairs of winter boots I found while thrifting at GoodWill

My first find was a pair of Thermolite Grizzly Boots. I believe they are a male youth boot but they fit me pretty well so no complaining here! My plan is to wear theres with black leggings paired with heavy socks during rainy to winter days. I found a similar pair on Amazon on sale for $45. The original price was $80!

They were priced at GoodWill for only $8.88. :)

A pair of Grizzly Therolite Winter Boots found while second hand shopping
Thrifting Find of Winter Boots
While thrifting I found a pair of great winter boots

My next find was a pair of rubber boots, almost identical to my purchase goal! They are made for winter but have a removal lining so they can be wore in spring without getting to hot. They slip on and off easily which is great for walks with Bueller. These are only going to be wore when I need to go outside quickly so there's no wardrobe planning, maybe just play it safe with black leggings again. I found pairs of rubber boots on Amazon from anywhere of $20-$80

They were priced at GoodWill for only $4.88. :)

Great thrift find at GoodWill, winter rubber boots
Rubber Winter Boot find while thrift shopping

With tax my total at GoodWill was only, $13.76. :D

I saved anywhere from $55-$135 thrifting!
A great aspect about thrift-shopping is that you're recycling and not buying any new products. This really helps decrease your ego-logical footprint on the Earth, which is extremely important in today's world!

That is all I have for you this shopping trip! Please don't miss out on a thing anymore, follow by email for all updates on my blogs and videos!!! I post daily on my blog and create weekly videos on my Youtube channel. Thank you for reading and have a great day!


Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Lunapads & Divacup Review

Lunapads and Divacup Review

I'm in love. When I first heard about the idea of Lunapads I was amazed I had never found something like this before! Lunapads are washable pads that absorb menstrual flow and/or daily discharge. I love them because it's no more buying month after month and throwing away harsh plastics, adhesives, and chemicals into the environment. Not only that, but the chemicals in normal throw away menstrual products are just awful for your body!

My purchase included,

  • Eco-friendly = No More Throwing Away!
  • Green = Organic Cotton
  • Save Money = No More Buying Every Month
  • Healthier = No Chemicals, Perfumes, or Adhesives 
  • Helping Those In Need = Buying a One4Her product = Supplies for East African Schoolgirls

Lunapads and The DiveCup Review with one long pantyliner, three inserts and two basic pantyliners.
Lunapads Long PantyLiner with Three Inserts Review
In my first purchase I received one Long pantyliner with three inserts. For my heavy days and overnight sleeps I decided I would use the long pantyliner for maximum coverage. The cute black squiggly straps are there to hold the inserts in place. The purple insert on the long pantyliner is sewn in place and you are able to place your inserts overtop of it. You are able to wear the long pantyliner without an insert but I figured I would purchase a few to help me during my heavy period flow days.  

The DivaCup
  • Environmentally responsible
  • Latex-Free
  • Plastic-Free
  • BPA-Free
The DivaCup and Two Mini PantyLiners from Lunapads Review
Lunapads Two Mini Pantyliners Review
Lunapads Mini Pantyliner Button shown here gives two sizing options

With my DivaCup Kit with Mini Pantyliners I received two Mini Pantyliners for my lighter days and one TheDivaCup for my most heaviest days. They're so comfortable and I feel like I'm not wearing anything! They're small and lightweight so you forget you're even wearing anything.

The DivaCup is great because it's washable, re-useable, and a healthier alternative to tampons. Tampons are filled with harsh chemicals and perfumes to absorb and leave a perfume clean smell, but your body is absorbing all those chemicals too. DivaCups are awesome because they can be left in for a long time and hold a large amount!

Lunapads and The Divacup come with instructions on how to properly use and care for them. Please read all the instructions throughly so your products can last a very very long time!

I hope my review helped you decide if you too wanted to try a more green option during your monthly gift! Please check out my Youtube channel for videos every week and I will see you daily for new blog posts. 


Sunday, March 8, 2015

What's In My Makeup Bag? - Natural, Eco-friendly, & No Animal Testing Products!

What's In My Makeup Bag? - Natural, Eco-friendly, & No Animal Testing Products!

Today I'm going to show you what is in my makeup bag for March 2015!  I only like to purchase items that are natural without any harsh chemicals. A lot of beauty products have cancer causing components that I am trying to diminish from my life completely. This is my collection I have gathered in the past few months that I really like! As you can see they're fairly well used so not mind the messy bottles ;).

Only natural holistic eco-friendly and no animal testing beauty products

All the products mentioned in this video are formulated without parabens, mineral oil, phthalates, triclosan, and of course sodium lauryl sulfate

The Face, Eyes and Lips...

I really enjoy the light feel this primer has to offer. It also never makes me break out! If anything, it helps keep my skin looking healthy. I do not have any problems with looking too oily or shiny when I used to that issue with other products. I pair this primer with my Tarte Powder Foundation you will see below. The brush I used with this primer is seen in the second image. 

light-medium beige
After applying the Tarte BB Primer in light I apply this power foundation over top using my powder brush in the second image. Excuse the mess the powder is currently in, I use it a lot! It feels like I'm not even wearing any makeup and I love the look of the container. The powder is held in a very unique way, the mesh you see below is made out of some type of fabric. It helps move the powder out so you can easily pick it up with the brush. Normally I've used powders that have a plastic mess, but this one is made of some sort of fabric! Pretty awesome!

Review on the Tarte Powder foundation in Light-medium beige
What's in my bag the Tarte Powder foundation in Light-medium beige
What's in my makeup bag the tarte powder foundation

Eyes Right
I purchased this mascara last November and haven't used any other since. Yes the bottle is a little small, but I don't normally make too many more mistakes than I normally would of. I feel like it's going to last me forever! It does a good job at lasting! The price was very reasonable and I love that its made of wheatgrass. 

Review of Lush Eyes Right Mascara
Review of Lush Mascara made of wheatgrass

This is my newest piece to my collection that I picked up on a recent trip to chicago in love with this 'Bubbly'. The shop told me Lush makes colors for whatever you would need them for beauty wise! You can use these as lip color, cheek color, eye shadow, ect! I am using Lush's Fresh Handmade Colour Bubbly for my lips and cheeks. The lady who helped me tried a few different pinks with me and this one was a perfect match for my skin color. 

Lush Colour in Bubbly for lips, eyes, and cheeks.
Review of Lush Fresh Handmade color in Bubbly

All the rest...
There are a few products I didn't mention individually because if I did this blog would be way too long! Here's a basic outline of each one and why I'm in love with them!

Midnight Perfumery 100% Natural Deodorant

  • Goes on smooth
  • Works well
  • Smells great
  • Light and easy to use

Sample 1 From Lush - Dream Cream Lotion 

  • Everyday hand and body lotion
  • Smells like relaxation
  • Extremely gentle

Sample 2 From Lush - Handy Gurugu lotion

  • Deep conditioning hand lotion
  • Awesome green color
  • Smells great

Burt's Bees Acne Solutions Maximum Strength

  • Spot Treatment Cream
  • Easy to use
  • Nice smell
  • 99.5 natural
  • Gentle
  • Gentle
  • Smells good
  • Easy to use

I really enjoy all my products and look forward to you trying them out yourself! Please leave a comment of what natural products I should try that I did not mention. I have become a huge Lush fan and would love suggestions of products to try.



Saturday, March 7, 2015

How to Groom Your Dog at Home - Cheap & Easy Tutorial

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How to Groom Your Dog at Home - Cheap & Easy Tutorial

Thumbnail of Youtube video How To Groom Your Dog on Faris Jaclyn's Youtube Channel

This week I'm back with a highly requested video all about grooming! In today's video I teach you how to easily groom your own dog using the clippers. This is a basic tutorial on how to shave your dog with the clippers. I will upload more complex videos later in the year so stay tuned!
Shaving Your Dog at Home Using Clippers

I purchased Wahl's Basic Pet Clipper Kit from Target in 2013 for under $20. You can also purchase it online from Wahl on Amazon. Click here or the image to redirect you to it's listing.

When I was a veterinary technician I had practice shaving animals using trimmers. A groomer who worked at a vet clinic with me showed me how to shave sedated cats, which is also the same way you would shave most any other dog with clippers! With my previous skills of shaving animals I decided to purchase these clippers to get Bueller a quick trim. Two years later I have probably used these trimmers about 15 times saving me anywhere from $300-$900!!!! Of course Bueller doesn't always get the perfect hair cut from his still saved us a TON of money and hair grows back...eventually... :)

Here are my steps and tips to make grooming your dog at home a reality! Click to watch the video,

Step 1: Bath your dog with shampoo and conditioner.
Step 2: Dry your dog completely.
Step 3: Brush your dog entirely.
Do It Yourself Sanitary Groom on Dog

Tips on Grooming Your Dog at Home
  • Smooth out your dog's skin and fur by pressing it flat with your hand. 
  • Shave fur with the clippers in the direction your pet's fur lays. 
  • Start out slow and work your way up to shaving harder surfaces.

Here are a few examples of hair cuts I've given Bueller using my trimmers...

How I groomed my own dog using clippers

How I groom my dog at home using clippers video on Faris Jaclyn's Youtube channel.

How I shaved my dog's ears using clippers at home by myself.

The End Result... :) 
All the fur that we shaved off my dog using clippers.



Unboxing PawPack 20% OFF COUPON CODE | February 2015

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Unboxing PawPack February 2015 with a 20% OFF Coupon!
Coupon Code = FarisJaclyn

Thumbnail of Faris Jaclyn's Youtube video unboxing Pawpack February 2015

Hey guys I am so excited to start posting again with pet videos and blogs! I have been very busy with life but I am back from a refreshing break for more blogs and videos!

Unboxing Pawpack February 2015 Instragram photo on FarisJaclyn

In this video I open my monthly subscription box to Pawpack! Pawpack is amazing because it's eco-friendly, organic, natural, and holistic products only! They have boxes for not only dogs, but cats too!!!
Unboxing our Pawpack monthly subscription box February 2015

The February 2015 PawPack subscription box features,

  • Malibu Dog Kitchen MDK Beef Treats
  • Whimzees 2 Small Alligators
  • Earthbath Tooth & Gum Wipes for Dogs, Cats, Puppies, & Kittens.
  • Organic Loofah Dental Dog Toy
  • Tucker's Wag-A-Rounds Beef Liver & Bacon Dog Treats
  • Katie's Bumpers Fetch and Tug Toy
  • A Free Walk with app Wag!
  • 15% Off Whistle Activity Monitor for Dogs

Check out the video for Bueller and I's reactions to our new goodies!!!

Unboxing our Pawpack monthly subscription box February 2015 Organic and Natural products.

Please check out my Dog Training and Pet Advice Youtube channel and subscribe for more! 


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