Friday, September 8, 2017

Star Stable Club News - The Dandelion Volume 1

Hello and welcome to the first ever club (Queen Dandelions & Cute Dandelions) journal! I will try to update this as much as I can! In recent news, our live stream times have changed to 11AM EST and 8PM EST. These two times were chosen for 2 reasons,
1. To give Faris enough time to do stuff during the day.
2. To make it possible for everyone to make one live stream with school.

I hope you enjoy these new times! It was a hard choice due to the large amount of different locations we are resign from and also because I know you are all busy people doing lots of different things!

Because I have a live stream (11AM EST) designed specifically for UK viewers I created an account on Unicorn Forest. This was done so that you all stay in your country's servers! We created a new club called Cute Dandelions! It's really awesome and so far going very well. Club leaders will be chosen soon.

That is all! Continue being amazing people on and off the game Star Stable and I will see you with the next post soon! Take care!


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