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How I Color Dyed My Dog - Frequently Asked Questions

If you haven't already noticed...I love my dog.
My color dyed dog
Color dyed dog frequently asked questions

I love my four year old Papillon Bueller so much that I decided to color dye him again. Yes, again. If you see my older post Color Dying My Male Dog Pink and Purple this is the second time I've transformed my dog into a unicorn.

Before and after color dyeing my dog

My Most Frequently Asked Questions

Because I want to. Because it makes me happy to spend time with my dog and for people to appreciate my dog. Children's faces light up when they see a colored dog. Most of them have never seen such a thing and they're blown away that a colorful dog exists. People love it. Older people, young people...everyone. There is the 1% who ask why and don't get it. Maybe you don't get that my dog is literally my child. Honestly it's none of your business why I don't have a human child nor does it really concern you if I color my dog or not. If you don't like it, then that's just a shame.

"Is it pet safe?"
Yes, of course it's pet safe does he look dead to you? Just kidding, but yes the yellow and orange is a dog hair dye and the green and purple is a human hair dye that was approved by my veterinarian who is a very close friend. I would never put my dog in any harm over hair dye. Always consult your veterinarian if you aren't sure if something is pet safe or not.

"Was he good during the procedure?"
Yes. He's an angel. I do a lot with my dog including taking him on frequent trips, trimming his nails myself, car rides, shopping trips, vacations, and various things. I also worked as a dog trainer and take a lot of pride in training him so he sits better than most dogs.

"I should do that to my dog!"
Yes you should it's awesome and super fun. Most dog grooming places have the capabilities of doing it, you just have to ask. It's pretty easy to do.

"How long does it last?"
The color I use in semi-permanent and last time the color slowly faded for about six months. We did not groom or bath my dog so if you do those things the color will most likely fade quicker.

"How long did it take?"
About two hours. You put the color on, wait 30-60 minutes and rinse. We did other things during those two hours like grooming and re-dying so our time was a little longer.

Being in public with a color dyed dog
Most of my feedback is very kind and sweet. I love that people enjoy him and take pictures. It's a lot of fun. I will recommend that if you do color your dog and take him into public be prepared for people to constantly be stopping you and petting your dog. If your dog is not social than do not take him in public. My dog loves the attention so I think he enjoys when he's color because he gets extra love!
Happy color dyed dog
Color dye dog ideas

How we color dyed my dog this time...
My dog's hair was sectioned into four parts and we equally colored his fur with four colors; purple, green, orange and yellow. The purple was placed closed to his bum and the yellow was placed on the section furthest from his body. This created a beautiful rainbow effect. If you try it yourself please tweet me your pictures!

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