Friday, October 16, 2015

Trying To Survive The Semester Like

In an attempt to hold on to the last bit of sanity I have after this semester I am trying to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I am less than a year into the start of my student teaching; which is probably when the real pain is going to happen. :P  

One thing I have not forgotten is to always get a good night's sleep. I am in LOVE with sleep! It was not always like that. There was a time I could never fall asleep and stay asleep. I would lay in bed as a child fearing for my life. I would stay up until 3AM on a school night wishing I could sleep, but too scared to close my eyes afraid I would die. 

As a child I had a hard time in school. I wasn't bullied, I wasn't friend-less. I had a lot of phobias and anxieties. This was in a time when no one talked about generalized anxiety disorder. Now, it seems like everyone has anxiety, and they do. When a person's anxiety affects their daily life for more than six months that is when it may be considered a disorder. I sympathize with the students who have problems like I did in school. Someday I hope I'm a great school counselor for those people.

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