Wednesday, June 3, 2015

3 Simple & Easy Ways To Stop Puppy Biting

3 Simple & Easy Ways To Stop Puppy Biting

Today I'm going to teach you how to stop your puppy from biting your hands! Everyone with a puppy is dying to get out of the biting stage and heavily complain about how their puppy is the worst about biting their hands, feet, and everything else they can get their mouths onto.

Before you perform my training tips on your dog you need to remember...

  • A puppy biting fingers is never cute. Do not ever let your puppy play chew on your hands.
It's extremely important to teach your dog that it hurts when you put your sharp dog teeth on my skin. If you're thinking, "Oh well it doesn't hurt me, I'm strong!"'s going to hurt someone, especially a child. You want to teach your dog from the first day you have him that it's never okay to put your teeth on my skin because it hurts. 
  • Give your dog the proper items to chew on. (Antler bones, rawhides, rubber chews, ect).
We cannot always tell our dogs not to do something without showing them what they can do. It's frustrating for a young dog to constantly be told not to chew on something (especially while they're teething) and not be given anything to relieve that natural urge to chew. You want your dog to be a chewer! Chewing helps give your dog a job to do and it keeps him busy. Chewing also helps clean your dog's mouth by pushing tartar off of the surface of the teeth. 

The best ways to stop puppy biting

1. Tell your dog biting hurts by saying ouch
2. Stop playing when biting occurs
3. Show your dog what he can chew on

My dog Bueller is not showing much in this episode because he is the king of not touching his teeth to human skin. I did not want to reenact anything with him because it would of been confusing and stressful. I used a puppet because it was much easier to demonstrate rather than using a live wiggly puppy. I do have some gorgeous photos of Bueller chewing on his appropriate chews though!
How to stop your puppy from biting your hands
Simple and easy ways to stop puppy biting

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