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3 Reasons Why Your Puppy Bites

3 Reasons Why Your Puppy Bites

Ever wonder,
Why does my puppy bite so much?
There are many reasons why your dog may be biting on your fingers and various other things that fit in his mouth. Puppies especially are prone to wanting to chew on everything and anything, but why is that? In this article I explain the top three reasons why your puppy is biting and included is this article are two videos that will give you some relief to your puppy biting problems.

1. Teething

Puppies are born toothless and a dog will grow in their baby teeth at 2-3 weeks of age. Depend on their breed puppies will lose their baby teeth from 3 to 8 months of age. Just like a human, baby dogs go through a process of teething. Teething is defined as the process at which an animal is losing their baby teeth to make room for the teeth they will have for the rest of their life. During the teething process your dog's sharp adult teeth are making their way through their gums pushing the baby teeth out. It can be a very painful time for your puppy. The average adult dog has 42 teeth for a total of 12 incisors, 4 canines, and 16 molars.

Incisors grab ahold of food.
Canines tear the food into pieces and, with the help of the tongue, place those pieces of food into the mouth.
Molars grind the food into very small pieces to be moved to the back of the mouth with the aid of the tongue and are swallowed to be digested by the body for energy.

It's important to purchase items your dog can teeth and chew on. These items will relieve the pain your dog is experiencing. It will also bring him entertainment because for a dog chewing is a fun activity to do.

2. Exploration

Puppies are baby animals exploring their new surroundings. Everything is new and exciting to them. Just like a baby human puts things in his mouth to get a better understanding of a texture and how something works, your puppy is doing the same exact behavior. Puppies are trying to figure out their surroundings which means he has no idea when he's biting too hard.

3. Misconception
Your puppy may not know that it's not okay to bite your hand or what he should be chewing on. Your puppy may have a lot of discomfort in his mouth and the best way to get rid of that is to be chewing on something, and you're the most convenient thing to chew on! Give your dog options of what they should be chewing on. Let your dog know that his sharp teeth should not touch human skin and that it's painful. I have a great video on how to train your dog to stop biting fingers.

Never allow your puppy to bite your fingers.
In my latest video I explain my dog training tips on how to teach your puppy not to bite your fingers. It's important to start training your dog not to bite your fingers the moment you get your puppy, so that he understand that it's never okay to do this behavior. I explain in this video 3 simple and easy ways stop your puppy from biting so please watch it below or on my Youtube channel.

In 2012 I made a video about puppy teeth and teething. Please watch the video by clicking the video player below. In this video my dog Bueller is an adorable puppy with a painful loose canine tooth! I give examples of how you can relieve the pain of puppy teething in the video.


Wednesday, June 3, 2015

3 Simple & Easy Ways To Stop Puppy Biting

3 Simple & Easy Ways To Stop Puppy Biting

Today I'm going to teach you how to stop your puppy from biting your hands! Everyone with a puppy is dying to get out of the biting stage and heavily complain about how their puppy is the worst about biting their hands, feet, and everything else they can get their mouths onto.

Before you perform my training tips on your dog you need to remember...

  • A puppy biting fingers is never cute. Do not ever let your puppy play chew on your hands.
It's extremely important to teach your dog that it hurts when you put your sharp dog teeth on my skin. If you're thinking, "Oh well it doesn't hurt me, I'm strong!"'s going to hurt someone, especially a child. You want to teach your dog from the first day you have him that it's never okay to put your teeth on my skin because it hurts. 
  • Give your dog the proper items to chew on. (Antler bones, rawhides, rubber chews, ect).
We cannot always tell our dogs not to do something without showing them what they can do. It's frustrating for a young dog to constantly be told not to chew on something (especially while they're teething) and not be given anything to relieve that natural urge to chew. You want your dog to be a chewer! Chewing helps give your dog a job to do and it keeps him busy. Chewing also helps clean your dog's mouth by pushing tartar off of the surface of the teeth. 

The best ways to stop puppy biting

1. Tell your dog biting hurts by saying ouch
2. Stop playing when biting occurs
3. Show your dog what he can chew on

My dog Bueller is not showing much in this episode because he is the king of not touching his teeth to human skin. I did not want to reenact anything with him because it would of been confusing and stressful. I used a puppet because it was much easier to demonstrate rather than using a live wiggly puppy. I do have some gorgeous photos of Bueller chewing on his appropriate chews though!
How to stop your puppy from biting your hands
Simple and easy ways to stop puppy biting


Tuesday, June 2, 2015

How To Make Your Pet Famous on Instagram

How To Make Your Pet Famous on Instagram
How hard can it be to create an Instagram for your pet? All you have to do is post cute pictures and instantly you'll get thousands of followers, right? Wrong. Social Media is so competitive and it takes true dedication to have your voice...or your pet's voice heard by many.

How to make your dog famous on Instagram

Post new images often and stay active on the site
It's important that you stay up to date with your fan base and post as much as possible. You should be posting at least once a day. If it's possible post a few times a day to keep active on the site and to be seen as much as possible. Comment and like other account's photos to share the love and potentially be found by more followers.

Upload high quality content only
You need to showcase your best work on your pet's instagram only, so he looks his absolute best. No blurry photos and no photos of something unrelated. The photos need to only be related about your pet and the story around his character. Take pictures of your pet doing various things and experiencing life. Tell us when it's your pet's birthday by showing us a picture of him eating his cake. Share a video of your dog swimming in the pool during summer. Make your posts fun and exciting for his followers.

Create a story and a voice around your pet
To create a following for your pet online you need to create a reason for people to remember your pet and to like their character. Your pet needs to be memorable and unique just like Pudge the Cat and Marnie the Dog. Give your pet and voice and allow them to talk about the photo being posted. Maybe your dog is great at doing tricks and commands. Upload videos of your pet doing those tricks in silly outfits to cute music to attract followers. Then write something silly to go along with the post in the description.

Pudge The Cat Famous Cat Instagram
How to make your pet famous on Instagram

Follow pets you look up to and feel inspired by
There's a thing or two you can learn from current famous pets on Instagram! Look at how they post, which hashtags they use, and how they interact with their audience. Everyone has their unique way of using social media and there isn't an exact science to how to get followers so have fun with it and make it enjoyable for all involved.

How to get your pet followers on Instagram
How to make your pet famous on Instagram
How to make your pet famous on Instagram

I'm not promising I'm some expert queen of Instagram, so I will link a webinar that I really enjoyed that I found online that could be even more helpful for someone creating a pet Instagram account. Sue B. Zimmerman's Free Webinar about Instagram for your business.
I recently remodeled my dog Bueller's Instagram account to see if I could gain him more of a following! Make sure to click the link above to follow Bueller on Instagram to see how we do in the following months.

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