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How To Prepare For Your Dog's Vet Appointment

Today is a fun day...right?! Well, looks like you're taking your dog to the vet! In this article I explain the best way to prepare to take your dog to their annual vet appointment and how to get the most out of it by making it a more pleasant experience!

How to prepare to go to your dog's veterinary appointment

Why do dogs have annual appointments? 
Veterinarians suggest yearly appointments to ensure the health of your pet. By maintaining and monitoring your dog's health you are more likely to discover early signs of illness. It's also important that your dog gets the necessary vaccinations and receives them when they are healthy.

What will happen when my dog has a physical?
While at your dog's annual vet appointment your vet will do an overall check-up of your dog's exterior body. The vet will listen to the dog's heart and lungs. They will look into your dog's ears and eyes to make sure everything is normal. Veterinarians are train to do a palpation of the dog's body to ensure the body feels normal to the touch and that your dog isn't showing any signs of pain when handled.

Why does my veterinarian want to run blood work on my dog?
Blood work is performed on our pets for various reasons. Your veterinarian may want to run blood work prior to a surgery, if it's never been done before, if it's been a long time since blood work has been performed, if your dog is a senior, or if they think your dog may be ill. Your veterinarian may also want to take a blood sample to see if your dog has an illness such as heartworm or lymes disease.

Why does my dog need annual vaccinations?
Dogs receive vaccinations to help them stay healthy if they come in contact with various diseases in their environment. Parvo and Distemper are common to live in the environment for many years and can be passed on from other dogs. If we do not vaccinate our dogs they run the risk of becoming ill, which will cost more than the vaccinations and can end in death.
When you go to your dog's next annual veterinary appointment,

  • Bring your dog's fresh stool sample with you. If you need to store the sample put it in the fridge until your appointment. 
  • Arrive 5-10 minutes early, DO NOT BE LATE!
  • If you have questions write them down prior to your appointment and record answers when you're asking the vet.
  • Ask for handouts if you need further information.
  • Make sure you pick up your preventatives for fleas/ticks/intestinal parasite medications.

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