Friday, May 29, 2015

Pawpack Monthly Subscription Unboxing May 2015

Pawpack Monthly Subscription Unboxing May 2015

Bueller and I just love getting packages in the mail, especially from Pawpack! This month we received a goodie box filled with yummies from all sorts of places. I really enjoy Pawpack's monthly subscription boxes for cats or dogs because they contain organic, natural, and eco-friendly products only.

Unboxing of my May 2015 Pawpack monthly subscription box.

All of our Pawpack unboxing videos are all filmed without having seen any of the products. We are truly reacting to them for the very first time! I liked this video a lot because normally I have the camera extremely zoomed out and it's hard to see everything. In this episode I had Bueller sit on my lap while we looked through our box. I hardly did any editing so the video is a little longer, but seems more genuine. 

Dog Toy Lion latex ballon
Charlee Bear dog treats with apple chicken and pumpkin
Grain free wag more bark less soft and chewy dog training treats with beef and spinach
Dog lover bumper sticker from Cloud Star Wag more bark less.
Cloud Star Buddy Splash Rosemary and Mint Spritzer and Conditioner
Rawhide for dogs from the natural dog company

We absolutely love all of these products! The Natural Dog Company's rawhide was put to use right after the filming of our pawpack unboxing video! Since my dog Bueller is so into the idea of chewing he has gotten picky about only chewing on high quality chews. (I'm thinking it's because high quality bully sticks and dog chews have a better taste and do not upset his stomach). So I'm interested in looking into buying more products from The Natural Dog Company!

I am also a huge fan of Cloud Star. They are a really great down to earth company who works with companies big and small!

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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

5 Things You Should Know About Dogs

Have I mentioned I'm working with to give you even more monthly educational pet videos?! Well, I am and I'm super excited to be writing on this week's episode,

5 Things You Should Know About Dogs

These tips will help give your dog a happier healthy life! I took a lot of time trying to think of the five most important things I would want to tell dog owners in under two minutes! Here is what I came up with,

1. Brushing your dog's teeth is an important part of pet care.

By brushing your dog's teeth daily you're reducing the risk of many different health diseases. When your dog has bacteria and plaque residing in their mouth they are exposing those things to their internal organs as well! Always brush your dog's teeth with dog toothpaste and never use human toothpaste.

2. Chewing is a natural behavior

Dogs are very intelligent creatures and it's important we give them a job to do. One of those 'jobs' is to chew! Dogs love to chew! There are many different types of chews that do not always have to include chews and bones. There are many non-rawhide alternatives if your dog's GI system is sensitive to rawhides.

3. It's important to get your dog used to being handled.

Make sure that your dog is used to being handled everywhere and anywhere on their entire body. If one day your dog is injured it may save their life if they're used to being handled!

4. Do not give in to 'Demand' barking

As seen in my Petcha video, ignoring the Demand barking will help distinguish the bad habit! No one likes an overly barky pooch. :)

5. Proper socialization can help our dog become a well adjusted pooch.

Exposing your dog to everything and anything they will experience in their entire life will help them not fear those things! I feel like I've said this exact thing a hundred times in my life, but I don't think it's ever made it in a video! Make sure you make your dog feel comfortable when introducing it to the world. Reassure your dog in tough times and let them know you are their rock. :)



Saturday, May 16, 2015

How To Prepare For Your Dog's Vet Appointment

Today is a fun day...right?! Well, looks like you're taking your dog to the vet! In this article I explain the best way to prepare to take your dog to their annual vet appointment and how to get the most out of it by making it a more pleasant experience!

How to prepare to go to your dog's veterinary appointment

Why do dogs have annual appointments? 
Veterinarians suggest yearly appointments to ensure the health of your pet. By maintaining and monitoring your dog's health you are more likely to discover early signs of illness. It's also important that your dog gets the necessary vaccinations and receives them when they are healthy.

What will happen when my dog has a physical?
While at your dog's annual vet appointment your vet will do an overall check-up of your dog's exterior body. The vet will listen to the dog's heart and lungs. They will look into your dog's ears and eyes to make sure everything is normal. Veterinarians are train to do a palpation of the dog's body to ensure the body feels normal to the touch and that your dog isn't showing any signs of pain when handled.

Why does my veterinarian want to run blood work on my dog?
Blood work is performed on our pets for various reasons. Your veterinarian may want to run blood work prior to a surgery, if it's never been done before, if it's been a long time since blood work has been performed, if your dog is a senior, or if they think your dog may be ill. Your veterinarian may also want to take a blood sample to see if your dog has an illness such as heartworm or lymes disease.

Why does my dog need annual vaccinations?
Dogs receive vaccinations to help them stay healthy if they come in contact with various diseases in their environment. Parvo and Distemper are common to live in the environment for many years and can be passed on from other dogs. If we do not vaccinate our dogs they run the risk of becoming ill, which will cost more than the vaccinations and can end in death.
When you go to your dog's next annual veterinary appointment,

  • Bring your dog's fresh stool sample with you. If you need to store the sample put it in the fridge until your appointment. 
  • Arrive 5-10 minutes early, DO NOT BE LATE!
  • If you have questions write them down prior to your appointment and record answers when you're asking the vet.
  • Ask for handouts if you need further information.
  • Make sure you pick up your preventatives for fleas/ticks/intestinal parasite medications.

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