Thursday, March 12, 2015

Winter Boot Thrifting Finds From GoodWill

Winter Boot Thrifting Finds From GoodWill

As Winter is slowly leaving the midwest I decided to venture to my local GoodWill in search of two things, a pair of rubber boots I could wear year round in the rain/mud and a pair of winter boots I could wear in the snow/mud. My goal for the winter boots was to find something practical for heavy snow. I needed the material to be high quality and waterproof. I wanted something similar to a Sorel Premium Winter Boot or the Bean Boot style. My goal for the rubber boots was to find something I could go outside for walks in with my dog Bueller regardless if it was rain, mud, or snow. They would need to slip on and off easily, but not fall off my feet while I was walking. I didn't want anything but black for the entire boot color. I decided to stop by a local Goodwill in a wealthier part of town to see if that would help me find higher quality winter boots. I went in with the intension to only buy if the shoes fit and it was exactly what I was looking for. With all these things in mind here is what I stumbled upon...

Two pairs of winter boots I found while thrifting at GoodWill

My first find was a pair of Thermolite Grizzly Boots. I believe they are a male youth boot but they fit me pretty well so no complaining here! My plan is to wear theres with black leggings paired with heavy socks during rainy to winter days. I found a similar pair on Amazon on sale for $45. The original price was $80!

They were priced at GoodWill for only $8.88. :)

A pair of Grizzly Therolite Winter Boots found while second hand shopping
Thrifting Find of Winter Boots
While thrifting I found a pair of great winter boots

My next find was a pair of rubber boots, almost identical to my purchase goal! They are made for winter but have a removal lining so they can be wore in spring without getting to hot. They slip on and off easily which is great for walks with Bueller. These are only going to be wore when I need to go outside quickly so there's no wardrobe planning, maybe just play it safe with black leggings again. I found pairs of rubber boots on Amazon from anywhere of $20-$80

They were priced at GoodWill for only $4.88. :)

Great thrift find at GoodWill, winter rubber boots
Rubber Winter Boot find while thrift shopping

With tax my total at GoodWill was only, $13.76. :D

I saved anywhere from $55-$135 thrifting!
A great aspect about thrift-shopping is that you're recycling and not buying any new products. This really helps decrease your ego-logical footprint on the Earth, which is extremely important in today's world!

That is all I have for you this shopping trip! Please don't miss out on a thing anymore, follow by email for all updates on my blogs and videos!!! I post daily on my blog and create weekly videos on my Youtube channel. Thank you for reading and have a great day!

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