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I had the pleasure of receiving a PetGiftBox today to review for the month of March. I was given a super great 25% off coupon code - FarisJaclyn to give to all of you! You may find the video I posted on Youtube but here I have a more detailed post on what our box was like and what Bueller enjoyed the most.

The most unique piece in the box was the Fou-Stick Soothe FFD Pet balm. I investigated FouFou's youtube channel to find they had a tutorial on how to do this product. My parent's dog Rexi is a Shar Pei and has very dry nose. This product is great because it applies easily and seems to help bring moisture back to her sensitive snout. Additionally the product is great for helping dry skin and pads.
The products are all natural which I am a huge fan of. Two of the main ingredients is Beeswax and coconut oil. 

To watch our live PetGiftBox unboxing check out our Youtube channel. This was Bueller and I's first true reaction to our PetGiftBox and as you can see we were pretty happy with it!

I caught Bueller being extra cute on camera and though I'd share those moments with you.

For your information that black circle is my camera's lens cap, hehe.
Our favorite product from this box would have to be...
  • Zuke's Power Bones
    • Right when you open the bag the smell hits you! It's really strong! They work great as a dog training reward and I like that they are packed with nutritious superfood carbs, protein, and healthy antioxidants. I would consider them high value for Bueller and will be using them when we clicker train. The ingredients are healthy and I like that the product was made in the USA.

That is all from us this fine day! Next week's video is an update video with some exciting news so you will want to check back for that! Hope you have a wonderful day.

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