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Lunapads & Divacup Review

Lunapads and Divacup Review

I'm in love. When I first heard about the idea of Lunapads I was amazed I had never found something like this before! Lunapads are washable pads that absorb menstrual flow and/or daily discharge. I love them because it's no more buying month after month and throwing away harsh plastics, adhesives, and chemicals into the environment. Not only that, but the chemicals in normal throw away menstrual products are just awful for your body!

My purchase included,

  • Eco-friendly = No More Throwing Away!
  • Green = Organic Cotton
  • Save Money = No More Buying Every Month
  • Healthier = No Chemicals, Perfumes, or Adhesives 
  • Helping Those In Need = Buying a One4Her product = Supplies for East African Schoolgirls

Lunapads and The DiveCup Review with one long pantyliner, three inserts and two basic pantyliners.
Lunapads Long PantyLiner with Three Inserts Review
In my first purchase I received one Long pantyliner with three inserts. For my heavy days and overnight sleeps I decided I would use the long pantyliner for maximum coverage. The cute black squiggly straps are there to hold the inserts in place. The purple insert on the long pantyliner is sewn in place and you are able to place your inserts overtop of it. You are able to wear the long pantyliner without an insert but I figured I would purchase a few to help me during my heavy period flow days.  

The DivaCup
  • Environmentally responsible
  • Latex-Free
  • Plastic-Free
  • BPA-Free
The DivaCup and Two Mini PantyLiners from Lunapads Review
Lunapads Two Mini Pantyliners Review
Lunapads Mini Pantyliner Button shown here gives two sizing options

With my DivaCup Kit with Mini Pantyliners I received two Mini Pantyliners for my lighter days and one TheDivaCup for my most heaviest days. They're so comfortable and I feel like I'm not wearing anything! They're small and lightweight so you forget you're even wearing anything.

The DivaCup is great because it's washable, re-useable, and a healthier alternative to tampons. Tampons are filled with harsh chemicals and perfumes to absorb and leave a perfume clean smell, but your body is absorbing all those chemicals too. DivaCups are awesome because they can be left in for a long time and hold a large amount!

Lunapads and The Divacup come with instructions on how to properly use and care for them. Please read all the instructions throughly so your products can last a very very long time!

I hope my review helped you decide if you too wanted to try a more green option during your monthly gift! Please check out my Youtube channel for videos every week and I will see you daily for new blog posts. 

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