Saturday, March 7, 2015

How to Groom Your Dog at Home - Cheap & Easy Tutorial

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How to Groom Your Dog at Home - Cheap & Easy Tutorial

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This week I'm back with a highly requested video all about grooming! In today's video I teach you how to easily groom your own dog using the clippers. This is a basic tutorial on how to shave your dog with the clippers. I will upload more complex videos later in the year so stay tuned!
Shaving Your Dog at Home Using Clippers

I purchased Wahl's Basic Pet Clipper Kit from Target in 2013 for under $20. You can also purchase it online from Wahl on Amazon. Click here or the image to redirect you to it's listing.

When I was a veterinary technician I had practice shaving animals using trimmers. A groomer who worked at a vet clinic with me showed me how to shave sedated cats, which is also the same way you would shave most any other dog with clippers! With my previous skills of shaving animals I decided to purchase these clippers to get Bueller a quick trim. Two years later I have probably used these trimmers about 15 times saving me anywhere from $300-$900!!!! Of course Bueller doesn't always get the perfect hair cut from his still saved us a TON of money and hair grows back...eventually... :)

Here are my steps and tips to make grooming your dog at home a reality! Click to watch the video,

Step 1: Bath your dog with shampoo and conditioner.
Step 2: Dry your dog completely.
Step 3: Brush your dog entirely.
Do It Yourself Sanitary Groom on Dog

Tips on Grooming Your Dog at Home
  • Smooth out your dog's skin and fur by pressing it flat with your hand. 
  • Shave fur with the clippers in the direction your pet's fur lays. 
  • Start out slow and work your way up to shaving harder surfaces.

Here are a few examples of hair cuts I've given Bueller using my trimmers...

How I groomed my own dog using clippers

How I groom my dog at home using clippers video on Faris Jaclyn's Youtube channel.

How I shaved my dog's ears using clippers at home by myself.

The End Result... :) 
All the fur that we shaved off my dog using clippers.


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