Thursday, January 22, 2015

The Today Show and Their Horrible Segment on 'Birth Control Gives You Brain Tumors'

The Today Show announces 'birth control may give you brain tumors'! 

First of all...are you kidding me? I am beyond upset and furious with The Today's Shows choice of words this morning when it came to their announcement of a segment coming up on how birth control may give you brain tumors.

As I was watching the Today Show this morning they announced a couple of segments coming up in the show. One segment was approached in a very frightening way announcing, "Birth control may increase your risk for brain tumors! More to come later in the show..."

For the majority of people, especially young women in school we are unable to sit through and watch all of The Today Show to see every segment. The segment on birth control was much later in the show; at about 8:30AM. I am scared to think of all the high school aged women who only saw the opening announcement and are now fearing for their lives. I'm also questioning how many women are going to stop using their contraceptives because of this. The birth control segment was right after a ridiculous segment about giving yourself an invisible boyfriend with the help of an app. The fake invisible boyfriend segment ran longer then the segment on birth control giving you brain tumors!!!

The Today Show currently has the segment available online to view here

Here is a brief explanation of what the segment mentions,

A study suggested that women using birth control for longer than 5+ years and using progesterone only hormonal birth control had a higher risk of maybe having a brain tumor. These brain tumors are already extremely extremely rare. We already know that birth control may increase your chance of certain cancers but it also decreases the risk of others. The expert mentioned more research needs to be done in all areas and to talk to your doctor if you have concerns...

The expert on the show even stated this information is probably not enough evidence to even consider discontinuing using your birth control.


What are we teaching our young women? How to fear birth control? To avoid it completely? I am truly unimpressed with the way the media portrayed this segment of the show to their viewers.

Here is my question to you at The Today Show, are you trying to decrease the amount of birth control use? What was your reasonings for even putting that into your show?

I believe the show could of made the situation better by announcing the segment as, 'Prolonged use of birth control may increase your risk of a brain tumor.' or to not include the segment at all.

Thank you Sionyn for suggesting I watch this video after writing this blog post!


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