Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Living Without Facebook

How often do you think you check your Facebook? How often in a day are you scrolling through pointless Facebook posts and forgetting what you just read? If you were like me, sick of it, maybe you should try deleting your Facebook addiction for good...

I have been living Facebook free and loving it! The constant need to check up on my friends and update my life vitally is gone. I find updating people on my life too pointless and time consuming now, even contemplate why it would even matter to post.

The two most important steps in this process are,

  • Deleting your Facebook phone app
  • Deactivating your Facebook account

*Deactivating your Facebook does not 'delete' your Facebook. You may still log back in when you want, but it deletes it from being visible to everyone, including you. It is a complicated process to delete your Facebook which is another reason in itself to not put a lot of information on your Facebook...ever.

Here are some simple reasons why a person should deactivated my Facebook,

1. To Be More Active & Healthy

I notice when I'm not sitting on my computer or phone I am doing other things! I am experiencing life more! I know you're probably like I was and would fill your small amounts of free time with looking at your Facebook...but what are you even reading? Next time you find yourself doing that look up and ask yourself, "What did I just read?" and "Did I gain any real knowledge from knowing that?" If you're finding that the answer is no (like I was) delete that Facebook!!!

2. Increase Your Attention Span
It's impressive how much your attention span will grow without the constant need to check your social media sites. When I was on my phone more with various social media sites I always had my phone in my hand! If it wasn't in my hand I was wondering why it isn't in my hand! Without the constant need to check your phone you will realize your attention span for things happening around you will increase. How often do you find yourself sitting at a bar or restaurant by yourself glued to your phone waiting for your friends to arrive. If you would just look up and wait patiently you'd notice so much around you. May someone cute could see how inviting you are sitting alone smiling and come up to chat. 

3. Avoid Facebook's Addiction Strategies

Facebook is super addicting! Not only that, but they're trying to get you addicted! When I wouldn't get on my Facebook as much I would get emails and random notifications about the simplest things!!! I received a  notification that my friend wrote a comment on another person's status.... I do not follow this person, so may am I getting this notification? It's because Facebook wants me to get back on and use their site. I tried to 'unfollow' the majority of my friends on Facebook and I would still get their notifications. I received emails telling me how I'm 'missing out' and that so-and-so posted a picture... I decided to just deactivate it and not receive any emails.

Let me know if you've deleted your Facebook and how it makes you feel! I'm finding I have more time for myself and work/school related activities! I am living mostly social media free and am focusing on other things such as my health, body, and knowledge. Instead of devoting 70-80% of my time to social media now I only devote 5%-10% of time to social media, examples being my blog, Youtube, and Tumblr...Try it! It's nice.


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