Monday, August 4, 2014

Why I’m Not JUST About Pets Anymore

Things are changing for the better so get ready.

My blog and youtube channel will no longer just be strictly about pet related topics. For a long time I’ve struggled with posting only animal related content. I thought that my viewers would be angry if I didn’t stick to the topic of dog training/pet health.

This shied me away from posting as often because I didn’t have enough to talk about. You can say it’s a little writer's block...but it’s also the difficulty of filming with animals. Animals and children are the hardest things to work with in the film industry. It’s not easy filming yourself with your dog. Try holding the camera AND filming your dog, it doesn’t work. I worked with two different production crews on my videos and I’m extremely thankful for that. I don’t know any other Youtuber who’s had two paid web series who’s not even over 10,000 subscribers. I’m very lucky.

This doesn’t mean I’m never going to post a dog training video, I will and probably just as often. I just want to branch out and make content about other things. I don’t know exactly what I want to write about but I just want to create content about anything I feel like making content about. I’m a very DIY how to advice giving person so you can expect content about…everything. 

I like making content, so I'm focusing on what I like to do and no worry too much about the fine details.

My Youtube and Blog are going to change into who I am not just focus on one part of me. 

Here’s another update on my life…

I am still a huge animal lover but dog training and animal nursing aren’t my career anymore. I’m switching careers for multiple reasons. The short answer is people in the animal industry don’t make enough money and it’s a dangerous dirty job. 

I will still always be a dog training and will continue to train privately but I’m transitioning to a completely different career choice. I’ve always loved helping animals and people alike so my new career choice will be more focused on people. 

Life is about finding who you are. Animals are a large part of who I am but they aren’t the only thing I’m about. 

I’m about saving the world, making a different, and bringing happiness to others.

I’m a very creative person. I need a creative outlet.

Blogging and Vlogging have been that for me so I’d like to continue doing it. 

Just prepare to expect more fun and interesting topics.


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