Friday, August 8, 2014

How to Lucid Dream Part III

How to Lucid Dream Part III

I have a couple more random tips on how to lucid dream I’d like to share with you. If you cannot lucid dream yet these tips are going to sound really strange, I’m sure you’ll find them interesting though.  

1. Video Gamers Lucid Dream More
Recent studies suggest that video gaming can help improve your ability to lucid dream.  As a person who is a video gamer I would agree with this. From personal experience I do find myself lucid dreaming when I’m gaming more frequently. I am a video gamer and I do lucid dream so I at least do fit into this category. That’s all I can really say about it.

2. Creating situations
While in a lucid dream if you want to be in a situation create the situation. If you find yourself in a lucid dream and you want to have a specific person appear, call them! Pull out your cell phone in your lucid dream and call them to come hang out with you. Create little simple ways to bring people into your dream that would bring someone into your space in real life. A tip I read years ago was to look into a mirror and see the person you want to hang out with behind you in the mirror. Doing this will bring them into the situation.

Sometimes when I’m going to bed and I’m attempting to lucid dream I think up a situation and try to dream into happening. While laying there attempting to sleep I imagine myself dreaming. Let’s say I want to hang out with my friends in a hot tub. I imagine it happening in my head and eventually I wake up in a dream of it actually happening! It’s hard even for me but it’s steps into the right direction of lucid dreaming!

3. Have fun and don’t be afraid
I find it really scary sometimes and that’s understandable, but don’t be afraid. Everything is okay and if you want out of a the situation it’s easy just try and move your physical body and you’ll wake up. Don’t be afraid of waking up in a nightmare, it most likely isn’t going to happen, and if it does just remember it’s a dream! I’ve had some of the most intense wonderful things happen to me lucid dreaming that have opened my eyes to how intelligent our minds really are! 

Please write below your tips and tricks! I would also LOVE to hear your experiences with lucid dreaming! Please return frequently to this page and tell me all about your stories I’d love to hear them!


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