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How to Lucid Dream Part II

How to Lucid Dream Part II 

This post will give you the tools to start a lucid dream. These are things that have worked for me. There are different techniques that work for different people so try researching other tips if mine do not work for you. Please comment your tips below if you have some that I did not mention so we all can learn from one another. 

1. Stay awake but fall asleep.
This sounds weird but this is how to wake up in a dream. You must lay down to fall asleep but keep your brain awake. You will feel yourself shutting down. You will feel your breathing slowing and a loss of motor function. You will feel a sense of falling in a spiral. This lets you know that you’re about to fall asleep. Once you’re asleep but your brain is awake you will be in your dream. It’s pretty funny for me to admit to this but I tend to do a little victory dance in my dream once I discover myself conscious in a dream. I am unable to control my situation that I wake up in, but I am freely able to move myself within it. 

One time I woke up in a situation where I was at a friend’s house in California. I hung out with my friend but eventually I lost control and end up having sex with the person…another hard thing to admit is I end up always having sex with someone in my lucid dream!!! I think it has something to do with the increase of the brain's sexual arousal while sleeping. 

*A tip for newbies - If you wake up in the morning from a dream, go back to bed and try to dream again. This is the easiest way to begin a lucid dream especially if you’re new to it. I’ve had the most vivid lucid dreams this way.

Sometimes when I was new to lucid dreaming I would move my real body instead of my dream body. You’re going to have to figure out on your own what works for you and how you can keep yourself asleep.

2. Understand you are dreaming.
The thing that works best for me is to move my hands or look down at my hands. You will know you’re dreaming by looking down at your feet or hands because they will look strange. Something about them will be unnatural with size, or something else depending on your unique mind. When you're still practicing you may scare yourself while lucid dreaming and wake up. Try not to scare yourself. Remain calm.

3. Know that anything is possible.
This sounds hilarious but you must realize that anything is possible when you lucid dream. If you want to fly don’t tell yourself it’s impossible tell yourself that you can do it and make it happen. Because you’ve never flown you’re going to have a harder time accepting the fact that you can do it, but just do it. Move your body with confidence.

These are the basic steps in order to stay in a lucid dream. I hope this helps you and I’d love to hear about your personal stories in the comments below!

Stay tuned for How to Lucid Dream Part III


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