Saturday, August 9, 2014

Back To School Haul - Hair Accessories

Back To School Haul - Hair Accessories

Guess what time of the year it is?!? Back to school! I'm so excited for school to start! This is a great opportunity to talk about my favorite hairstyles for school. I am a very casual person in…everything. My fashion, my hair styles, my makeup. I like simple and fast. So these are my cheap & easy to use hair accessories for school.

All hair accessories were purchased at Walmart for CHEAP. I love cheap and you'll realize in this blog and in my videos that I am not buying no Gucci, we is buying from the discount corner.

My Must Have Hair Accessories For Back To School

1. Hair Clips

Using hair ties on wet hair damages it. I braid my hair then twist it around and pin it up with one of these hair clips. This is perfect if you are on a run and your hair is still wet.

2. Hair Ties & Bobby Pins

I am a huge fan of hair buns especially in between hair washing days. I first use a hair tie and secure the hair down into what will be a bun. Next I use bobby pins to secure hair closely to my head. Easiest bun I know!

3. Headbands

Probably the simplest and least likely to stay on my head all day, the headband. The headband is perfect if your alarm clock didn’t go off and you realize you really need to wash your hair but can’t! The headband keeps your hair out of your face and eyes off your greasy hair line. I found these headbands to be the most comfortable. Other headaches hurt my head and give me headaches! These do not!
I know school can be tough! Hang in there! Being a person who suffers from anxiety and panic attacks I know how hard it can be to focus. Just remember, once you're done you have your entire life ahead of you! If you're still in highschool don't worry it gets better! 

Here are some up close images of the products I purchased! Remember these were all at Walmart for cheap.


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