Saturday, August 23, 2014

5 Reasons Why We All Love Rainy Days

5 Reasons Why We All Love Rainy Days

1. A reason to stay indoors
Maybe the rain prohibits you to use a motor vehicle because you’re a pansy or maybe it’s just an excuse not to walk outside. Regardless now you’re staying indoors scrolling through Tumblr or the more unoriginal alternative…Facebook. 

2. Cool Temperatures meaning cozy outfits
Time to layer up! The temperature is changing and it’s getting cooler. Time to put on a nice pair of sweats and lay around. Prepare for all the cozy.

3. Watered plants
Haven’t watered your plants in months? Relax, mother nature is doing your chores for you. Mother nature says you’re welcome. 

4. Thunder, lighting, and tornados! OH MAY!
Who doesn’t love a good light show?!?….Your dog that’s who. Stock up on some herbal calming remedies at your local pet store because the dog's having a panic attack in the corner. 

5. Relaxing sounds
The relaxing sound of rain falling onto your roof is a subtle reminder that you live in a well ventilated temperature controlled space that you should be eternally grateful…to your parents for. 

Maybe we all secretly need a rainy day to get a break from life. What you do like most about the rain?


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