Monday, July 28, 2014

My Dog Favorites July 2014

My Dog's Favorites July 2014

Greetings readers! Today Bueller and I are taking you on an adventure of our favorite's for the month of July!!!

Chuck It! Launcher Sport 14’ (Small)

When I first purchased this I thought it was going to be a worthless purchase but it’s the opposite, I LOVE THIS THING! I won’t play fetch without it!

I think this is a perfect toy if your dog loves fetch. This thing really launches the ball for you! We have a size small because Bueller is a papillon. This would be a great size for other similar breed sizes such as a Jack Russel, Shiz Tzu, Pomeranian, or any other small breed that likes to play fetch.

There are different sizes so the bigger you get the farther it will go and already with the small launch it goes SO MUCH farther than I could ever throw it. Such a great purchase. Plus it’s easy to pick up a gross ball off the ground. Of course this size launch does still make you bench down a little but I still feel it’s completely worth it and not a big deal.

Lil Brush Bones by Merrick

If you’re not already in love with Merrick’s products fall in love because they’re products are trustworthy and amazing. These premium dental dews for dogs are grain free, gluten free, natural, and made in the USA! Merrick is a really great suppying who not only has options for dog foods, treats, but also antler bones which Bueller is a huge fan of. 

Kong Air Dog Squeaker Balls (Small)

These are a classic toy for my dog! Bueller absolutely loves the squeaking tennis balls! There’s also a variety of sizes this isn’t even the smallest size to choose from! If your dog loves squeaky toys and you’re trying to introduce the game of fetch this may help give them a reason to love playing fetch because of the added squeaker! Bueller will play fetch with the ball and happily squeak the squeak as he’s running back for me to throw the ball again! It’s great! We love them!

Chuckit! Ultra Ball (Small)

These balls are ultra durable! Bueller and I actually lost our original Chuckit! ball the Launcher Sport came with so we purchased the ultra balls to replace it. 

Another convenient thing about the Launcher and our two different balls from two different brands today is that both fit the launcher! 

Bueller and I hope you enjoyed this video! This video was not sponsored in any way we just really like these products and want to share them with you.

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