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Barkbox Unboxing July 2014

Barkbox Unboxing with Dog Training Tips!

barkbox unboxing july 2014
Click HERE to see the video!

In this article we give a detailed outline of all the dog training tips given during our Barkbox unboxing video!

1. You can give your dog Banana as a treat!
There are many healthy options for treats! Some include carrots, apples, canned pumpkin, and banana!

2. You CAN use healthy treats as training treats!
Remember to always give a small amounts of any training treat to avoid a full tummy happening so quick into your training. You wouldn’t want to give an entire milk-bone for just one sit right?! (The correct answer is, RIGHT ;)!) 

3. Flavor test with your dog to know what they like (& don't like)!
Every dog has a different preference with toys, food, treats, ect. Just like with people having a different preference for different things your dog will prefer things differently than other dogs. I’m sure everyone in your household fights over which shows to watch on TV in the evenings! 

4. Switch up your flavors depending on the training.
Use your dog’s favorite treat for the harder tricks you’re training. To get them interested even more into the training make sure the treat is extremely high value to them! coupon code
(I am the worst at pronouncing words as you get to see in this video!)

5. Using high value items.

With toys and treats you want to use high value items, meaning stuff your dog REALLY loves, when you’re training. If your dog is suffering from separation anxiety and you’re using a toy to entertain them while you’re working on being away give them the best stuffed bone they’ve ever had in their entire life! I’ve had many dogs come to my classes uninterested in working on commands and most of the time that means the treat we are using isn’t that special or high value to the dog and we need to switch it for another type or flavor or treat. 

6. The Jackpot explained.
The jackpot, as explained entirely in the video, is the ultimate reward for your dog! It’s like your dog has won big on the slot machine at the casino and now “It’s raining TREATS Hallelujah It’s raining TREATS Amen!!!!”. When your dog has finally, after much thought and work, done what you wanted them to do for the first time which took a lot of effort you can give what is called a Jackpot to let them know, “HEY THAT WAS AMAZING GOOD JOB!”. 

7. Hard treats and chews can help aid in clean teeth.
I want to first stress that I still think it’s extremely important for you to brush your dog’s teeth with pet approved tooth paste everyday. Dogs who are chewers typically have cleaner teeth.
This is because they are constantly pushing that tartar off of their teeth with whatever they are chewing on and getting rid of that bacteria living on their teeth. Dogs who do not eat hard food and do not chew on toys/chews are building up tartar and have no way of getting rid of it (again, this will not be the case if you brush the dog’s teeth).

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