Saturday, March 1, 2014

How to Housetrain ANY Dog!!!

Here is my guide on how to potty train ANY dog!!! 
(Please check out my crate training episode to give you even more help).

These techniques are for puppies but can be applied to adult dogs. 

Create a ‘Potty Schedule Log’.
Baby dogs just like baby humans do well when on a schedule. Even in adulthood dogs and humans function better with a routine set into place. For example my dog Bueller is taken on a walk everyday at about the same time. Right when we wake up I take Bueller outside and when you have a puppy, PUPPY gets to go to the bathroom first not you! We have two potty breaks during the day and one potty break right before bed.

Example of Bueller’s Potty Schedule:
8AM - Wake up Pee/Poop
2PM - Pee/Maybe Poop
6PM - Pee/Maybe Poop
9PM - Pee/Poop


Set your dog up to succeed, don’t right away push their limits and think potty training is obtainable so easily and you’ll be on a schedule just like this. With your Potty Schedule Log write everything and anything that happens done on your log. Not only should you plan your potty breaks, but you should plan your meals at the same time everyday. After puppy eats they will need to relieve themselves. Sometimes this happens within minutes of finishing the meal!!! Remember that!

Most accidents happen because of a miscommunication. Please remember that it may be your fault and not the puppies, especially because you are the one that has to make this successful in the first place.

No matter if it’s an accident or not write down everything. You may be able to figure out what triggered the incident by looking at what happened before. Know what triggers your dog to relieve themselves.

Here are some examples:
1. Drinking water
2. Playing vigorously
3. Eating a meal
4. Waking up
5. Excitement

This may sound like a lot of work but remember you have a baby now! Don’t think of it as a ‘puppy’ it’s a dog baby you have a baby of another species. Congratulations! And by the way your dog’s bladder isn’t fully developed until a year of age so don't expect your dog to be completely 100% potty trained before the first year. There will be accidents and it will be a working progress. 

So here’s how to start your Potty Schedule Log, every hour on the hour take your pup out for a bathroom break. Take them to the same spot every time and say go potty. Remember to praise right when they've finished. After a while you can decrease the amount of times you take the dog out. Now this is where it becomes more of a case by case situation and accidents are going to happen. Understand what your dog can handle.

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