Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The Shocking Truth Revealed In "BlackFish" Documentary

Blackfish hands down is the saddest documentary I've seen in my entire life. 
I think the most shocking part about this documentary is that this isn't the first death of a human from a captive Whale. There has been at least three deaths by the same whale, more than a hundred injuries, and multiple broken bones.
(There has never been a report of a Killer Whale hurting a human in the wild).

These animals are highly intelligent and have a part in their brain that humans do not have! This extra part is responsible for feeling stronger emotional connections with other Killer Whales, especially ones from their own genetic families. In the wild Killer Whales never leave their parents and they stay together as a family forever.
The high frequency calls Killer Whales make resembles a language and there are multiple languages within their different cultures and families in the wild.

They're taking Killer Whales away from their family members and placing them in tanks equivalent to the size of bathtubs with strangers who do not speak the same language as they do. Not only that but they're forced to perform extremely easy tricks for their intelligences a couple times a day. For the rest of their time they're forced to sit in an empty tank awaiting their next show time so they can eat.
Sounds like something that would drive YOU insane right?!
I also like that Blackfish is not trying to bash the idea of Seaworld closing completely. They're open to it being a rehabilitation facility and not allowing for the capture and breeding of Killer Whales in captivity. 
I agree with this idea.  

However you're possible to do so, please please please watch the entire documentary for yourself. 
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