Monday, October 21, 2013

One of the MOST important things to do for your dog

A Well Balanced Dog Needs Teeth Brushing

Dog's do not develop cavities like we do. Tartar builds up on the teeth causing infection and bacteria to live inside our dog's mouths. As that infection sits in the mouth it affects and can cause harm to not only the teeth and gums but to their internal organs. Dental cleanings performed at the veterinarian's office are expensive and our dogs have to be sedated to be performed. Non anesthetic cleanings only clean the surface and are not able to take x-rays and perform extractions which can cause more harm than good. Because of this it's best to practice daily brushing to prevent problems from occurring.

There are a couple of really important things I strive for every dog owner to do,

  • Provide enough exercise and stimulation with toys/chews.
  • Provide a balanced diet and plenty of water.
  • Socialize and expose your dog to people, traffic, everyday events, dogs, ect.
  • See a veterinarian for health care. 
  • Train your dog in proper obedience. 
  • Groom and maintain their coat, and fur...

But one thing people forget about is, oral care. 

Taking care of your dog's teeth is just as important as all of the above.

You can brush your dog's teeth once a day with a soft bristle toothbrush and pet approved tooth paste.

Don't want to brush?

  • Provide your dog with dental chews.
  • Purchase a water additive to add to your dog's regular drinking water.

If you're an overachiever like myself, the best thing to do is all that is mention above along with brushing.

Some breeds are more prone to developing tartar on their teeth such as Yorkshire Terriers. Make sure to monitor the tartar buildup on your dog's teeth. Look for redness around the teeth and infection living on your dog's teeth, especially building up on the back molars.

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