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The Best Dog Training Treats

Training our dogs using positive reinforcement can not only be fun but a great bonding experience between owner and canine companion. We want to make sure we have the best dog training treats possible when training to ensure that our dog is going to listen and want to learn.


The Best Dog Training Treats

Have you ever had a teacher who gave out candy for correct answers? I bet you really loved that class! We're using the same concept but with our dogs!

Everyone loves a reward for learning, and what better way to entice someone with something that taste good, because everyone loves yummy food!

Here's how to understand what makes a treat THE BEST TREAT for Dog Training, 

High Value Treats
We use a treat that's extremely yummy so it grabs our dog's attention. If something is held at a higher value to the dog they will want to work harder in order to get it. Try a unique flavor your dog doesn't eat a lot, like liver, cheese, or salmon. Find out what texture your dog likes, typically dogs go nuts for 'Chewy' treats!

Small Portions of Treats
We do not want our dogs to eat too many treats and we don't want our dog to expect a huge prize for small actions either. Pick a treat that's small and can be chewed quickly. We want our dogs to get back to training and focus on us! - Not to take their time chewing away on their treat.

In my newest video I discuss's Tricky Trainer Treats. They're my favorite because they're high value and small proportions! In the video you can see my dog Bueller really likes them!

Please check out the video for even more information!

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