Friday, August 9, 2013

Retractable Dog Leash Bag - MultiSak: What to Carry on a Dog Walk

Today I did a lovely product review on an item called MultiSak. Now, MultiSak is a carrying bag that you attach to your retractable leash! There is enough room in it for your phone, doggie poop bags, keys, and even more!

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I really liked this product because it made attaching things to the retractable leash very handy. Pet owners with retractable leashes could feel at ease with this bag/leash combo because everything you need for a walk can be right in the bag.

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What To Carry On A Dog Walk

Things I suggest to carry in this bag,

Doggie Poop Bags
Don’t be lazy, pick up your pet’s poop! It can sometimes take a really long time for dog poop to decompose, and I’m not talking a couple days! Be respectful and bring poop bags. If you don’t have poop bags, bring all plastic bags from the grocery store.

Dog Repellent or an Air Horn
I would much rather you choose an air horn as it is less harmful to an animal and will do the same job. The dog repellent and air horn is to protect you from the dangers of other dogs attacking you and your pet. Use with caution and only when necessary!

Personal Belongings
Bring things necessary like a phone, house keys, ect. Try not to text or talk on the phone the entire time you’re out on a walk with your dog. This is your time with your dog to hang out! Also a lot can tell you about your dog’s body just by looking at their poop. Make sure they’re soil brown feces. If your dog isn’t going poop/pee, his poop is loose, or oddly colored check with your veterinarian. 

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