Tuesday, July 23, 2013

20 Dog Training Facts

20 Dog Training Facts by Faris Jaclyn

1. Consistency - if you don't want your dog on your couch, don't let them on your couch EVER!

2. Positive reinforcement training is key! How do you think they train whales? Not by beating them! If you intimidate a bear or a whale they're going to kill you! Zoo trainers use positive reinforcement and it's a lot easier to train this way.

3. Do not intimidate your dog. Your dog won't want to be with you or listen to you.

4. Treat your dog like your child not an object that is below you

5. When you tell your dog to come, ALWAYS make coming when called a positive experience never a bad one!

6. A crate is not a bad thing. Never use your crate as a form of punishment.

7. Have available chews for your dog. Your dog instinctually chews.

8. If your dog chews the wrong thing, take it away, and give them the correct thing to chew on.

9. Make things fun! Training should be fun!

10. Use high value treats such as CloudStar that are small and YUMMY!

11. Use very small treats to train. We don't want a full tummy and we want our dog to work for the smallest treat possible to get the most out of them.

12. Training sessions would last anywhere from 5-15 minutes at home.

13. End your training sessions with lots of play time!

14. For potty training get your dog on a routine of when they go to the bathroom. Everyone likes to know when they can expect things.

15. Never crate your dog for more than 6 hours!

16. Fill your crate with fun stuff for your dog to do while you're gone! I have a healthy Kongs recipe episode that I love! And I talk about fun toys in it too!

17. Baby steps. BABY STEPS. When introducing something new or something that scares your dog, take baby steps into introducing it with lots of praise and treats.

18. The nose of your dog guides it. Use a treat a a lure. Lure your dog into a sit, a lay, and even use it to teach roll over! See my how to sit video.

19. Switch up toys frequently! I have product view videos! Your dog is smart. Give them lots of stuff to do and play with.

20. To avoid destructive behavior, exercise your dog frequently, play them with, give them lots of playtime, crate your dog when unsupervised, and activity socialize your dog to other people and other animals!!!
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