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When To Praise Your Dog - Dog Training

Communicating with your dog can seem impossible at times! But what you don't know is that you may not be praising your dog for the correct behavior. It's important to make sure your dog understands what action is being rewarded. Rewarding too early or too late will give the pet mixed signals.

Myself and Sophie with her new bow. She is the lovely pup of Wendy Burch from KTLA5 News. Pawsapalooza 2013
Let's talk today about how to praise at the correct time so your dog knows what's being asked of them!

When To Praise Your Dog

Praise your dog the moment he performs and fully completes the task being asked of them.

  • Do not give up and praise the dog for doing half of the task.
  • Do not wait too long to praise and give your dog praise.
  • Do not praise after the dog releases from the task that was asked for.

Example: Sit

When To Praise For Sit: The dog's butt completely touches the ground and stays on the ground. At this moment of butt touching and staying on the ground praise and give treats. Be cautious to not praise the dog for laying down or moving out of the sit position.

A great way to break the communication barrier is clicker training! My dog Bueller loves clicker training. To him my clicker means yummy yummy treats! When he sees me get my clicker out he instantly starts spinning and doing all the tricks in his vocabuary because he will do anything for a treat and to learn new tricks...because tricks = treats and playtime after learning.

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