Tuesday, June 18, 2013

How To Approach A Dog Safely - CONTEST GIVEAWAY

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Regardless if an owner says the dog is nice or not you never know the reaction a dog could have to meeting someone new! It's important to take steps to protect yourself from a new dog. Remember you stand feet taller than your dog. If some giant wanted to reach down and pet you, you'd be a little timid too!

How To Approach A Dog Safely 

  1. Ask the owner for permission 
  2. Make a fist and offer the back of your hand to the dog. The animal may feel more comfortable if you’re down on their level so crouch.
  3. If the dog is wagging his tail and seems interested the dog is giving you the OK to greet them! Pet them around the chest and sides. Avoid the head. If they seem uninterested let them be.
IF The dog is not accepting (No tail wag, head turn toward you, growl, ect.) do not continue to touch the dog.

DO NOT - Regardless how friendly the dog may seem.
  • Put your face in their face.
  • Pick up their dog.

Bonus Tip: Always ask the owner of a dog if they have any allergies before offering treats to their dog! You never want to give them something they could be allergic to!!!

Contest closes June 30th 2013.

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