Thursday, June 13, 2013

Dangers Of The Dog Park - Dog Park Etiquette Basics

Socializing your dog is very important, so in my opinion Dog Parks can be a good idea as long as you're aware of their dangers.

Not can only other dogs be dangerous but there may be microscopic dangers lurking in the grass! Let's go nose deep into the dirty details that is the dangers of the dog park!

Dangers to be aware of at the dog park

1. Diseases : You never know! It's a place frequently visited with all types of dogs with no real restrictions. Have your dogs current on all their vaccinations.
2. Parasites : Be aware of the soil and water at the dog parks. They could be contaminated with feces that carry parasites. Have your dog on a heartworm/intestinal parasite preventative.
3. Other dogs : Aggressive and fear-biters are known to sometimes join us at dog parks. Know the signs of an aggressive/fear-biting dog. Dog fights do happen! Watch my video on "How To Introduce A New Dog - How To Break Up A Dog Fight".
4. Humans : Their habits may be even worse than your's. ;) Just be aware of how they treat your dog. Don't be afraid to ask someone not to do something (For example - Let your dog jump up on them).
5. Your dog : Be aware of your dog and if you're able to trust them with other dogs. Have some basic commands like come already in place so you still have control.

I have a post about dog day cares "The Benefits Of Dog Day Care" that I'd love for you to read as well. I would suggest dog day care for someone who isn't on a tight budget. Dog day cares are controlled safe environments for your dog to socialize under supervision with other dogs while you're away.

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