Tuesday, May 7, 2013

How To - Teach A Dog How To Jump Through A Hoop (In 3 Easy Steps)!

Teaching your dog tricks is super fun and a great bonding exercise! If you're both beginners to trick training try teaching your dog to jump through a child's hula hoop that's lying around in the garage!

Difficulty Level: Easy 

My 3 Easy Steps

1. First hold the hoop in one hand letting the lower half touch the ground. Coax your dog to walk through the hoop and receive a treat when they do so. Give lots of praise and encouragement because your dog will probably be a little timid about walking through it at first.

2. Once your dog will walk through the hoop easily start lifting the hoop off the ground. Go higher and higher until eventually the dog is forced to jump through the hoop.

3. Now that your dog is jumping through the hoop match it with a command such as 'Jump!'. When your dog hears 'Jump!' they will know you want them to jump through the hoop and they are going to get a nice reward at the end!

Remember once any trick is learned the need for the clicker and treat is no longer needed. Always give praise and always end training sessions with lots of play time!

How To - Teach A Dog How To Jump Through Your Arms

  • Once your dog is more experienced replace the hoop with your arms. Create a hula hoop with your arms and ask for the 'Jump!' command. With practice and a little coax-ing from a friend your dog will be jumping through your arms like a pro!
Congratulations you're now ready for the circus. ;)

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