Friday, May 24, 2013

Do Dogs Like Wearing Clothing? - My Opinion

Some people say making your pet wear outfits is abusive because the animal cannot give a yes or a no to the decision. The human wants the animal to wear them because it's cute not because it has any value to the animal.

So we ask, should dogs wear clothing? Well I'm going to give you my thought out opinion on the subject.

Do Dogs Like Wearing Clothing?

Dogs love your attention and if being put into cute adorable outfits gives them attention they're going to remember that. In the outfits it's likely that the animal is going to get more attention because it's so cute. I've had pet owners tell me their animals love wearing clothing. In my opinion I think the animal could care less what the outfit is as long as it's comfortable, but what they love about wearing outfits is that people are giving them attention. People are gawking and squealing with pleasure by just looking at them. The dog is getting petted and loved more by everyone because it's just so cute in it's outfit that no one can resist.

The Answer: The dog could care less. It just loves the attention.

Ethics VS Enjoyment

Here's a good rule of thumb when owning a dog...ENJOY YOUR DOG.

Do you want to dress your dog? DO IT.
Do you want to give your dog a cheeseburger? NOT GOOD FOR THEM BUT OK.
Do you want to take your dog with you everywhere? WONDERFUL. ME TOO.

As long as you give your dog adequate food, water, toys, play time, and housing and you're not putting your dog in danger please go enjoy your dog. Go do what you please! If you and your dog will find enjoyment in it, do it.

Respect The Dog

If only one of you is finding enjoyment in it...please be respectful and stop. I had a friend hold my dog down and blow in his face. Not for my dog's enjoyment but because she thought it was fun.
It wasn't fun for him.

Don't blow in my dog's face unless you want me to hold you down and blow in your face against your will.

If your dog is visibly showing discomfort in the outfit please take it off. Know your dog's personality and understand when he is in discomfort.

Let's Recap Shall We?

Some short haired dogs need sweaters for warmth in the harsh winters. Other's need life vests while swimming. Your dog needs an outfit for more attention. :P

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