Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Top 10 Best Animal Videos on the Internet

Today I wanted to take the time and express my love for my top 10 videos on the internet that every animal and pet lover should see! If anyone would be an expert in the vertical of animal videos on Youtube...I'm probably one of them.

1. Cat-Friend vs Dog-Friend

2. Awolnation - Sail Snail Parody AShellNation
Created by ThePetCollective

3. Three Pugs In A Tub
Created by ThePetCollective

4. Puppy Christmas
Created by DevinSuperTramp

5. Charlie Schmidt's Keyboard Cat - THE ORIGINAL
Created by ChuckieArt

6. 10 Cutest Cat Moments
Created by LiquidGenerationTube

7. Two Dogs Dinning
Created by Kristian Septimius Krogh

8. Husky Dog Talking - "I Love You"

9. Hedgehog Valentine's Day E-Card
Created by TheSorryGirls

10. Military Reunions with Man's Best Friend:
Dogs Welcoming Home Their Owners from Deployment
Created by TheBobjohnson1984

Thanks and I hope you found time to watch them ALL! Please comment below your favorites if they aren't listed I'd love to see them!!!

© Faris Jaclyn I Littlest Pet Shop Photography

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