Saturday, April 13, 2013

How To Stop Your Dog From Barking

My dog Bueller staying calm while our door was being painted by our landlord
Your dog naturally is going to bark to alarm you of possible stranger danger...
So be thankful for that.

Your dog is a dog, and it's barks. You knew dogs barked before getting a dog...or at least I hope you knew. :)

Some breeds are more prone to barking, especially small breeds!

Bueller's breed, The Papillon, is known for being a barker! He's definitely not always quiet so trust me when I say no dog is perfect.

We as pet parents just have to stay patient and take time to understand them!

 Here's my steps that I take to get him to calm down and not worry!

The BIGGEST mistake people make: Giving the barking dog attention!

The most simplest thing you can do to get your dog to stop barking is to ignore it.

The dog is already excited so being excited with the barking dog by screaming and prancing around with it, is going to excite them. This is going to make the dog bark more and much more intense when that stranger or other strangers visit.

Think of your attention as a reward to the dog. When the dog stops barking then give it attention.

Other ways to get your dog to stop barking:

  • Remove dog from situation: Take them away to a different location.
  • Introduce dog to more things: Desensitizing and socializing your dog to the world will make them more comfortable living in it.
  • Get your dog's mind off the situation: Ask for commands (Lay, sit, quiet, ect)

Thanks for reading please post your comments or questions below and I will see you all with more videos soon on my Youtube channels here and here.

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