Friday, March 29, 2013

Vet Office Etiquette

Now the vet staff knows you've probably got a hectic schedule not to mention a scared pet at the vet office! So we want to make this experience as fastly informative and worth your time as much as possible!

Here are the Do's and Dont's to be aware of when you're walking into your pet's vet office appointment!


Paperwork and a check of your pet's current weight normally starts at the reception desk. To get the ball rolling come early to get those things out of the way. 

Cats especially feel threatened when taken out of their comfort zone. To make this experience less frightening please bring small pets in a portable carrier. This will also keep larger pets from being able to harm them.

Always ask the vet staff to give you a copy of your pet's vaccination records and all other documents such as previous lab work. Keep it somewhere safe, like a folder, that you can bring with you to dog boarding, day cares, and vet trips. Keeping your records is a great way to help the staffs know your information without having to make phone calls to track down your records. Having old bloodwork records with help if there is ever an emergency. Your vet will know what your pet's normal bloodwork levels were prior. 

Even if you don't think it's an emergency tell the receptionist what's going on. If for example you didn't think your pet's eye irritation was a big deal but after hearing the information the receptionist referred you to a technician to speak to. Ended up that you changed your mind and made an appointment that day. The vet staff is here to help and if they don't seem to want to give you help find a new vet office. A lot of pet parents wait until last minute when the problem is out of hand and want to make an appointment that day for a problem months in the making! To avoid this issue make an appointment time in advance so you aren't taking an appointment from someone who is really having an emergency such as a 'Hit By Car'!

Your veterinarian went to school for 8+ years! They are extremely intelligent and passionate people! Ask them the questions you are dying to know! Please make sure to find a vet office who will educate you and wants to educate you. One who explains why we are vaccinating, if you need flea preventatives and why you need them. A vet office willing to teach you is a treasure and their staff a blessing.


Arrive late to your vet appointment
When you arrive late to an appointment you're creating a lag in the system. Everyone after your appointment will be bumped back due to your appointment running long. Now you wonder why the vet office seems to be so slow at times? If you forget just call the office and ask when the appointment is.

Forget who your previous vet office was
If we don't know where your documents are at we cannot know what vaccinations or bloodwork your pet has had so we will be forced to question doing it all over.

No call no show
If you know you will miss your appointment please call the vet office in as much advance as you can, so that way we can fill the appointment with an emergency or work-in ill patient. 

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