Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The Benefits of Dog Day Care

As mentioned in a previous post Introducing A New Dog, Dog Parks, Dog Fights & Benefits of Dog Day Care

Here is a basic outline of why Pet Dog Day Care rocks,

  • Trained professionals supervising your dog with other dogs the entire time.
  • Aggressive dogs are pulled from day care and not allowed back.
  • Everyone has to be up to date on shots & flea medications.
  • Positive socialization benefits.
  • Relief from boredom while you're at work all day.

  • Words of Wisdom
    The more you introduce to your dog the better chance your dog will be confident & controlled!

    A puppy under 6 months of age should be exposed to everything he will experience in the entirety of his life. Because the pup is so young he doesn't know what is normal and what isn't. If you do not expose him to the world at this gap of time it will be harder to introduce him to something at an older age.

    A dog exposed to people, places, and experiences such as the groomers or car rides will be calm and less afraid of a new situation even if they have never experienced it.

    Should I Bring My Puppy To Dog Day Care?
    The answer to this question is, YES!

    Dog day care is a perfect way to introduce your dog to other's in a controlled and neutral situation. Please take your puppies to a Dog Day Care! It's going to teach them how to interact with other dogs at a young age and make for a life long companion who isn't afraid of other dogs!

    I've seen so many dogs who don't know how to interact with other dogs because they were never given the chance to learn! Give your dog the chance to learn, it's never too late!!!

    Requirements For Dog Day Care

    • Up to date on Vaccinations
    • Current on Flea Preventatives
    • Neutered/Spayed IF over 6 months of age

    *Puppies should have the first two sets of vaccinations before entering dog day care.

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