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Introducing A New Dog, Dog Parks, Dog Fights & Benefits of Dog Day Care

The How To on Socializing Your Dog

Just like a mother to a child you're probably very protective of the scary encounters your dog will meet, as you should be! 

Dogs are pack animals who live in a ranked hierarchy. There is the leader of the pack, who should be you, and at the bottom of the pack is your dog. There's nothing wrong with the bottom of the pack! Your dog will feel most comfortable and in line not being the boss of things. 

Your dog and other dogs must figure out where they all rank in the pack while all the humans are at the top.

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  • Dog Parks
  • Dog Day Care
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  • Positive reinforcement
  • Neutral Location
  • Both dogs on leashes 
  • Take a small break if you see signs of aggressive behavior 
  • Do not: Hold one dog in your arms

I will advise you to be careful of dog parks because they are not stable situations. You have a lot of dogs in one place with owners who may not know how to control their dog. A lot of dog fights start at dog parks and end up at the vet's office.

That doesn't mean don't go to dog parks (Well it kind of does :)), make sure you stay safe and look for aggressive behavior from other dogs. Also know how to break up a dog fight which you will learn below!

  • Trained professionals supervising your dog with other dogs the entire time.
  • Aggressive dogs are pulled from day care and not allowed back.
  • Everyone has to be up to date on shots & flea medications.
  • Positive socialization benefits.
  • Relief from boredom while you're at work all day.

How To Break Up A Dog Fight
Never let dogs continue their fighting because someone could get seriously injured. Be careful breaking up a dog fight, it's common that humans will be bit while doing so! Try not to involve yourself but use the following loud noises to surprise them into stopping,
  • Air Horn
  • Water Spray Bottles
  • Water Hose
  • Screaming
  • Using a common phrase your dog loves, "Wanna go for a walk?" "Squirrel?!"

Please check out Leah & Kirby's video on the subject as well!

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