Thursday, March 7, 2013

Ways to Relieve Puppy Teething

A puppy is born without any teeth at all.

Between the age of 4-7 months they receive their adult teeth.

The average adult dog has 42 teeth for a total of 12 incisors, 4 canines, and 16 molars. 
  • Incisors: Grasps pieces of food to be placed into the mouth
  • Canines: Tears food to place back into the mouth.
  • Molars: Grinds food to be swallowed and digested.

Let's discuss some simple ways to relieve your puppy from the pains he's experiencing with teething.

We love our puppies but boy is it a pain when their teeth are falling out! Surviving puppy teething is one of the many accomplishments you'll make in your puppy times! 

Ice Cubes
(Ice cubes are a fun treat! Your dog will beg for one every time you get ice from the fridge!)

(A great time to introduce chews for a life-long way to relieve boredom,
unwanted chewing, & to clean their teeth!)

Freeze a rag that was dampened in water in the freezer
(This will soothe a puppy's sore gums from the pain.)

Stuffed Kong with Frozen Treats
(Soothes puppy's sore gums & is a healthy treat to introduce as a fun life-long treat/toy/chew.)
See demonstation to do that in my video here

If your dog chews on something you don't want it to (Rugs, Chairs, ect) say "No." and give it the proper thing to chew on.


Your dog will forever want to chew on something, take the time now to make sure your dog knows what is to be chewed on and what should never be chewed on.

Check out my video for more information
Puppy Teeth & Teething Video

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