Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Facebook Gifts are REAL!

About a month ago I received a notification from my friend saying she had bought me a gift on Facebook.

Remember those 'gifts' we used to give each other that were just GIFS? Then Facebook decided to make you have to purchase these computer images for real money.

Well now...there are actually gifts one can purchase and SEND to people to their house!
Facebook Gifts that are real life!

My friend Lindsay sent me one and I thought it was just an image so I opened the notification and left it at that. I thanked her even though I was a little confused and went about my week. Two weeks later I was sent another message saying that the gift that would be sent to my work or house would expire in two days if I didn't enter an address!!! 

I was surely confused and a little scared it was a scam she accidentally sent me with a virus but was curious so I did some research. 

You can get up to speed here, https://www.facebook.com/about/gifts 

So I entered my address to redeem my gift. The gift Lindsay originally purchase for me was all sold out, but not to worry! Facebook let me choose which gift I wanted instead. :)

Here is my unboxing of my gift that was sent to me!!!

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