Friday, March 8, 2013

Cuddling Yellow Mutt Puppies

What's more precious than puppies?
  • More puppies?
  • Smaller puppies?
  • Softer puppies?


The fact that this video at the moment has NO dislikes makes me have more faith in humanity :).

I would like to point out this is the first 'appearance' I have in The Pet Collective videos, even if it's just my hands...It's still pretty exciting. 

Producer Gabe thought it would be a great idea to video tape footage of cuddling puppies for our Youtube channel and we've decided to put them online for free on our Youtube

Maybe you can't have a puppy due to living in an apartment? Maybe you can't even cuddle one because you're allergic? you can in video form only at The Pet Collective on Youtube!!! 

More to come so please check back and subscribe on Youtube to The Pet Collective. 

© Faris Jaclyn I Littlest Pet Shop Photography

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