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5 Things Every Dog Owner Should Know

I created a video on the topic, but read below for more information on the subject!

1. A Dog's Mouth Needs Care Too

  • Infection living in a dog's mouth from lack of brushing & chew toys will result in infection in the rest of the body as well.

There are many reasons to make sure your dog's teeth stay clean. It will add years of health to their life, reduce pain from rotting teeth that live in the mouth, and your wallet will be fatter because you saved a ton of money by not having to get your dog's teeth cleaned under anesthesia!
(Which by the way can cost into the $1000's. Especially cat dental cleanings!!!)

It's important to provide chew toys for your dog every day all day and always switch them up. Make their chews are fun so they're never bored!

Your dog will naturally want to chew on things for the entirety of the dog's life. Make sure your dog knows what is to be chewed on and what isn't. If your dog is chewing on something you don't want him chewing on say "No.", take it away, and give the dog the correct thing to chew on.

DO NOT: Smack the dog with the item. Hit the dog. Scream at the dog. Ect.

It's crazy how saying "No." and giving Bueller his chew or toy how much he completely understands that that is not his and that this is his toy.

The "No." isn't scary, insulting, or fear creating. It's just a simple (kind by stern) "No.".

A lot of the times I have my own stuffed animals which sometimes he wants to be his stuffed animals. I always take my stuff animal away and say no and give him his little dog toy. He always stops playing with my stuffed animals and plays with his toy I'm giving him. Because that toy was introduced earlier as his and that he could play with it.

Always have toys available that the dog knows are their's. A dog needs their own belongings!!!

2. Investing in a Dog Day Care is worth it!

The controlled environment of a dog day care where your dog can interact with other dogs and other humans will be amazing for your dog!
  • Relieves boredom
  • Increases social skills
  • Increases happiness

Make sure the dogs are under supervision by a trained professional at all times. 

I prefer this over a dog park.

If you're lucky you can find a veterinary office who has a dog day care! These are great because if your dog gets hurt there will be a doctor to see your pet right away!

3. Social Interaction at an Early Age is a Good Thing!!!

  • Please I beg you do not be one of those people who will not let their puppy interact with anything or anyone.

Let as many people (Old, young, big and small) and dogs greet your dog! 

Sheltering your dog will only create fear. Fearful dogs bite. 

Puppies should be introduced to everything they are going to experience in their entire life before the age of 6 months. 

A dog well introduced to all the wonders of the world will be more confidence and more adaptable to trying new things.

4. Fleas & Heartworm are The Enemy!!!

It's crazy how important prevention is for these two things!

Here are two earlier posts about the subject,

5. Vaccinations are extremely important!
  • Parvo
  • Rabies (Aussies have it easy without this one!)
  • Kennel Cough
  • Distemper
  • Canine Influenza (Depending on location)
  • Lymes Disease (Depending on location)

They are real. They are out there. And they are scary.

Do not interact with other dogs before your puppy has had their first two set of puppy shots to be safe.

If your dog contracts a disease, treatment is expensive, and death can occur. 

This is all in my opinion with a combination about obedience and medicine however here is another website's 10 Things Every Dog Owner Should Know article if you'd like to get a feel of more great facts!

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