Thursday, February 28, 2013

My pet HATES The Vet! What should I do?

It's that time of the year again! The dreaded vet office check up with Mr. Fluffy...

Regardless if you have a laid back Golden Retriever or a spastic Weimaraner no one likes to go to the vet...

No one.

Tips on making your dog LOVE the vet
(He probably won't love it, but let's make the experience tolerable!)
  • Practice going into the vet without a check up. The veterinary staff will completely understand and won't mind! You can even ask to have your dog's weight updated into their computers while you're there. It never hurts to get an updated weight on your pet.
  • When you come into the vet for fun have the office staff offer your dog's favorite treat to them. This will let the dog know that it's a safe place.
  • See if your vet offers a doggie day care or camp. If your dog comes to camp 5 days a week he will learn to LOVE coming to the vet office because that's where he gets to play with all his friends! This will also help to relieve boredom and helps build your dog's social skills. (Even if you can't bring your dog everyday, bringing him once in a while will really help!)
  • Make sure YOU aren't scared either! Your dog is going to pick up on your energy. You are their pack leader/parent, if you're scared they are going to be scared too.

What can I do to help my scared pet while we're at the vet?
(The vet is a scary place! Let's try making it less scary.)
  • Cats and rabbits especially feel safer if you over their eyes with your hands. (Out of sight out of mind!?)
  • Holding them close to your body will make them feel protected. 
  • When your pet isn't needed anymore by the vet put them back in their carrier so they feel protected in a safe place again. (Only do this after all the exams are over otherwise it's going to be stressful to get them out again and boy will they be mad!)

Tips on making a puppy LOVE the vet for life.
(Follow these steps only AFTER you've received two sets of puppy shots)
  • Take them everywhere and anywhere.
  • Get them used to riding in the car.
  • Meet strangers on the street, human or animals!
  • Get them familiar with the vet office
  • Make every experience a good one with praise, treats, and toys!!!
  • Consider your puppy (0 Months - 6 Months) a child and in the time frame of 6 months you must introduce EVERYTHING they are going to see in their entire life in that small time frame. It's a lot but so is the responsibility of having a puppy.

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