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Signs your pet has fleas:
Itching a lot or a little!
Stopping from playing to itch
Red bumps on belly/stomach (Allergic reaction to flea bites)
Whining while itching
Dirt like dander (Put on wet paper towel and if it turns red that is the flea's poop!)

You do NOT want your pet to get fleas! It will infest your pet and your home! Prevention is key.

Fleas are serious business! Fleas are blood sucking poop creating grossly multiplying creatures who not only infest your pet but infest your home! Some fleas carry tapeworm and when your pet eats a flea while trying to relieve themselves from itching it will infest your pet!

IF you discovered you have a Flea infestation stay on a Flea preventative product for 4 months to rid your home and pet of the entire life cycle of the flea!!!!

(Do not skip a month! You must try your best to apply the product every month on time)

When is Flea season?
Depending on where you live and how long your winter is you may live in a climate that is Flea season 12 months a year! (That's ALWAYS people!) In northern America in states such as Wisconsin & Iowa we consider Flea off seasons December - February but beware...A lonely flea may be desperate for a warm body in the cold season so you may end up getting them anyways! Plus, the life cycle of a flea lasts 3 whole months without any preventions (Or applying incorrectly) so your pet may already be infested. 
Use flea preventatives always.

Ingestable Tablets for Flea Prevention

So you're not sold on the topical liquid applications for flea prevention or maybe your pet is having an allergic react like mine was?

Well let me introduce you to Trifexis! Trifexis is my favorite ingestable tablet for fleas heartworm & intestinal parasites!

(Trifexis does not prevent against Lymes Disease. Lymes disease is carried by ticks. This product should only be used by an animal who does not come into contact with tricks regularly.
No matter what product you are on, always check your pet for ticks.)

Please check the website out for yourself!
(Dogs only)

Allergic reaction side effects to flea preventions are common.
Please look out for the following with any flea medication you give,
and any other behavior changes!

Please call your veterinarian immediately if any of the follow occur.

Please watch your dog for an hour after taking any type of medication they've never had before!

Another great monthly ingestable for flea prevention is Comfortis!
(Cats & Dogs)

This product only is a Flea prevention.

Because Trifexis does so much more (& it's a tablet) I prefer it over the other brands. Comfortis is a little cheaper than Trifexis but you're getting so much more. Sadly not a lot of places carry Trifexis so please do your research and ask your vet if they carry it or anyone they know who would. If your vet does not carry it they should refer you to another vet who can supply it to you without having to switch vets and pay for another examination.
(Warning: All vet's protocols are different so may not be willing to do this for you!!!! So ask!)

Your pet MUST eat a full meal when giving Trifexis or Comfortis!!!

Do not waste your time with Flea collars, baths, and all those other random products! Go with a actual medicated flea prevention. 

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