Friday, January 4, 2013

When Not To Vaccinate Your Pet

Everyone always mentions the importance of vaccinating but when shouldn't your veterinarian vaccinate.

When Your Pet Is Sick
A vaccination to administered to help your pet create antibodies to the real disease so when your pet is introduced to it in it's environment they can easily fight it off before any sign of illness occurs. The body will know how to fight off the disease because of it learned how to fight of the weakened copy/similar replica of it that was administered with the vaccination. If your pet's immune system is lowered at the time of administration of a vaccination they will not be able to properly fight off the weakened virus.

During Surgery Or Sedation
Any pet at any stage of it's life can suffer from a reaction to a vaccination. Make sure your doctor isn't administering vaccinations during their neuter or spay. If they had an allergic reaction under anesthesia there is no way of the veterinary staff to know and the animal could potentially die.

Before 8 Weeks Of Age
Most veterinary offices suggest a set of 3 exams with shots started at 8 weeks with 3-6 weeks apart. Puppy and kitten vaccinations are very important, they are very susceptible to diseases that are vaccinated so please vaccinate.

Keep your puppies/kittens away from public places
until they've had at least the first 2 sets of shots!!!! 

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