Sunday, January 6, 2013

What kind of worms does my pet have?

Did it look like a moving white rice? Tapeworm
Does it look small and thin like spaghetti? Roundworms

The two intestinal parasites are the most common in cats and dogs.

Did I just ruin your appetite?

If you see evidence of a parasite call your vet and say you'd like to pick up tapeworm/roundworm meds depending on what you saw.
Examinations are not normally required if parasites have been seen by the owner depending on their protocol.

A pill(s) will be prescribed for a one time use if Tapeworms are the diagnosis.

Pyrantel is a dewormer that they will give you for roundworms. It's a liquid you give once now and then in two weeks.

Yes both these parasites are zoonotic so have your kids wash their hands! They can pass to kids very easily.

Clean the liter box very frequently. Once a day for three weeks after the medication is given.

Even an indoor cat can get intestinal parasites from eating the dirt in a potted plant or from contact with other pets who go outdoors.

Have a yeary stool sample tested at your yearly check-up to insure your pet is parasite-less. Parasites can easily go undetected with no symptoms at all.

If your pet has tapeworms chances are they got it from eating a flea.
Check to see if your pet has flea dirt on their skin. 

Keeping your pet on a monthly flea/heartworm/parasite preventative will help reduce the risk of carrying a parasite.

Other common intestinal parasites & protozoan parasites include whipworm, & giardia.
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