Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The Perfect Veterinary Office

So your pet is basically your child and you want nothing but the best for your little fur baby?

Here are my tips for finding the best vet office for your pets!

The first thing is finding a veterinary office that is AAHA accredited! What this means is that the veterinary office must oblique to specific rules and guidelines similar to that of a human hospital.
Basically they must do certain things to make sure they are being clean, safe, and have the best interest of your pet at mind.

You can search online for a AAHA accredited vet in your area by clicking here.

Finding a doctor and technicians who are happy to help is another great treasure to find! It's their job to give client education and to teach you how to be the best pet owner you can be. They should be available to take phones messages for doctors or technicians to call you back whenever you have important questions. Some vet offices have educational hand-outs for you to read and educate yourself at home.

Other perks that a veterinary office can have is their own grooming office, boarding, pet training, and dog day care.

Sometimes accidents happen and they can happen at the grooming, boarding, and dog day care facilities so why not have your dog attend one at the vet office!

Most inquires are paid for and taken care of all in one place so you have nothing to worry about while your dog is in the hands of someone else.

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