Monday, December 10, 2012

I think my dog can't breathe and is making a scary noise!

Is your dog choking? Or is your dog suffering from a reverse sneeze.

Image Courtesy of Animal Family Veterinary Care Center

A reverse sneeze is caused by irritation in the throat from inflammation. Your dog will then create this 'honking' noise.

(Check the videos at the end of this post for examples of this sound)

Look inside the mouth of your pet.
Are their gums of their normal color? (Pink, however if your dog is a darker color they may be pigmented).
Is the tongue pink? Does it seem like something is stuck in the dog's mouth, under it's tongue or down it's throat?

A lot of pet owners are very frightened by this event and rush to the veterinarian's office/emergency clinic to find out it was nothing!

First let's make sure it's a reverse sneeze.

Watch these example of the reverse sneeze and make sure it is identical to what your dog is experiencing.

If this doesn't occur very often no medication is truly required. You can try to help by itching the throat of your pet but that may irritate it even more.

You may just want to wait for the sneezing to pass since their are no true quick easy remedies for a reverse sneeze.

In some cases it can be allergy related. Dust, pollen, food, or other variables in the environment can be irritating your dog.

Call your veterinarian, tell them that you watched a video of a reverse sneeze and that it what your dog is doing, and ask for a dosage of Benydril for your dog.

If you and your doctor suspect it could be food related do some trail and error to figure out if something you give for food is effecting the dog.

If it is your dog's main diet switch to a food with duck or lamb instead of chicken for at least a month.

If this does not fix the issue and it is believed that it is something in the environment, Medications such as steroids can be used to give relieve from allergies.

Other reasons your dog may be sneezing/coughing:

  • Kennel Cough
  • Collapsing trachea
  • Heartworm
  • Heart problems

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