Tuesday, December 18, 2012

My Cat Has Feline Acne!

Does your cat have small black bumps underneath it's chin? Sounds like a case of Feline Acne!

Yes, cats can suffer from acne just like humans! Mostly effecting underneath the chin, the causes range from poor grooming, environment, age, stress, and suppressed immune system.

Suppressed Immune System means there is another underlying issue with kitty causing the acne which could range from anything and everything. Assess your cat's life to know if it may be very serious.

Some of the times Feline Acne is caused by poor environment when feeding/drinking. Make sure your food/water bowls are always clean.

Older cats and younger cats often suffer mild feline acne at some time in their life.

Acne is caused when build up occurs inside the hair follicle. Build up can occur from excess production of oils, and dirt. Most feline acne does not require treatment. 

If your cat is suffering from mild feline acne try washing their chin with an antibiotic soap.
Some veterinary offices will use a Chlorhexidine/Water mixture to clean the area.

In the rare cases that the build up is so extremely infected the sores appear like huge scars and open wounds. Veterinary treatment is required to assess the situation. Oral antibiotics may be prescribed to treat the infection.

Thanks guys for reading this interesting post! I will see you with another post tomorrow and a video every Wednesday! Thanks for reading.
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